A Xerox Authorized Service Provider You Can Depend On

With decades of experience servicing Xerox devices, including multi-function printers (MFPs) with scanning and copying capabilities, STS is a dependable partner for companies of all scopes, from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise corporations. 


Our fleet of nationwide local technicians provides the expert solutions and top-notch customer service you need to avoid business interruptions and resume operations quickly. 

Serviceable Xerox Printers

When you partner with STS, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that we provide repair and managed print solutions for hundreds of Xerox devices. Anytime an issue arises, no matter how big or small, our local technicians are ready to step in and get your printer fleet back online and in working order. Our range of serviceable Xerox printers includes:

  • Xerox 3215
  • Xerox 3315
  • Xerox 3320
  • Xerox 3655IS
  • Xerox 3655IX
  • Xerox 3655S
  • Xerox 3655X
  • Xerox 7800DX
  • Xerox 7800GX
  • Xerox 8570DT
  • Xerox 8570N
  • Xerox B205
  • Xerox B215
  • Xerox B225/DNI
  • Xerox B230
  • Xerox B310
  • Xerox B315/DNI
  • Xerox B400DN
  • Xerox B405DN
  • Xerox B600DN

Printer Repair Brand Certifications

When you choose STS as your authorized Xerox printer repair service provider, you get the advantage of working with a team of industry certified professionals who have the know-how and experience to keep your printers operational for the long term. Our Xerox certifications include:


  • Authorized Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS accredited partner)
  • End-user and support credentials in fleet management
  • Additionally, we are proud to have been selected as a Best Independent Service Provider by the Managed Print Services Association.

Explore Additional Printer Brands

In addition to Xerox, STS provides printer repair solutions for a wide range of brands, including Lexmark, HP and Zebra. Visit each individual brand page to learn more.

Why Scantron?

Selecting the right authorized Xerox service provider requires serious consideration. With Scantron Technology Services, you are guaranteed to receive:


  • Dedicated service technicians and onsite services
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for repairs
  • Cost control with predictive toner replacement and proactive consumable replenishment
  • Device optimization, including asset tagging and print fleet monitoring for performance analysis and repairs
  • Ongoing fleet status reviews to prolong the life of your printers and copiers
  • Unlimited phone support


Find the support and management you need for your Xerox printers and multi-format devices today. Get started with a free Xerox printer repair quote by calling 800.627.1044 or submitting the form below.


“Scantron is a partner we like working with. Scantron went over and above expectations. They brought this solution to us and made us more secure. Scantron’s proactive approach gives us peace of mind.”

Operations Officer A Midwest Bank

“Scantron brings such a breadth and depth of knowledge that it’s like having a whole team available—there’s no way we could have hired someone for what we’re paying. And their passion for what they do is inspiring. I know I’m getting expert-level support.”

Kevin Davis Director of IT IMARK Group

“We plan to keep asking Scantron Technology Solutions for additional services until we find something they can’t do. We haven’t found it yet.”

Kevin Davis Director of IT IMARK Group

“Scantron has passed all our tests and we’re able to go about our business. That’s exactly the way I like it.”

Kenny Cohen Vice President and Partner Collins Fish & Seafood

“I don’t want to spend time managing my technology. I’m in the seafood business, not the IT business. I just want my systems to work.”

Kenny Cohen Vice President and Partner Collins Fish & Seafood

“Scantron worked with us to ensure we’ve got pertinent security information and event management (SIEM) at our fingertips. And we get the advantage of the intelligence they gain across their client base, which they proactively apply for us before we experience an incident.”

Craig W. Wiese Senior Vice President Cherokee State Bank

“We really appreciate the Scantron team—they are very responsive to issues. We’ve been working with the team for more than a decade. They always provide solutions to problems that we need solved.”

Craig W. Wiese Senior Vice President Cherokee State Bank

“We particularly appreciated the solid review process. Scantron always asked for input and offered their advice. The project went very smoothly. Scantron was always there for us. This was a big job, and we simply could not have handled it without Scantron. The whole project went very smoothly, and the best part is that we got important results we can use to improve our services.”

Susan Deming RDH, RDA, BS Early-Childhood Oral Health Specialist Division of Child and Adolescent Health, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

“We couldn’t have accomplished this project without Scantron’s help. Scantron had the resources and the experience to provide us the guidance we needed for a statewide survey. They also had the capability to collect responses, organize them, and deliver results. Overall, we were so pleased with Scantron and how smooth the process was.”

Christine Farrell RDH, BSDH, MPA Oral Health Program Director Division of Child and Adolescent Health, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

“We saw a response rate of 33%. Scantron provided timely and accurate results. We discovered that even just asking about their oral cancer screening increased engagement and awareness with [dental] practitioners.”

Christine Farrell RDH, BSDH, MPA Oral Health Program Director Division of Child and Adolescent Health, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

We’re probably up nine or ten percent this year, compared to last year. And, of course, there are myriad reasons for that, but I have to give credit for at least part of it to our  new efficiencies and the support we’ve gotten in implementing them.

Bill Wommack General Manager Peoples Supply Company

In this industry, the normal IT budget is usually about 3.7 percent of sales. Our budget is probably about 1.8 percent.

We’ve had compliments from other people in the building products industry on our technology. For us being based in South Dakota, our technology is probably much more advanced than that of people in bigger markets.

Cas Rangel Chief Information Officer Building Products, Inc.