Prepare Like a Pro with Easy-to-Use, Fast & Accurate Software

Still manually scoring ACT or SAT practice test results? Ditch the time-consuming process of manually calculating sub-area scores. Instead, opt for Scantron’s Remark Scanning Solution – it’s a comprehensive, economical package making your practice more real and enriched.

Test-Day Style Forms

We offer forms that are similar to actual ACT or SAT practice exam booklets because we believe in the principle that practice makes perfect.

State-of-the-Art Scanners

Our Scantron desktop scanners are recognized for their dependability and precision, freeing you from the worries of incorrect scanning.

Sophisticated Software

Remark Classic OMR® software comes with an built-in automatic composite scoring calculation feature, so your practice test results will match the reports you’d receive from actual ACT or SAT exams.

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