You want to prep students for upcoming college entrance and other exams, but you know that means a lot of time-consuming scoring. Why not let Scantron make it easier with an automated solution using pre-printed Scantron forms and a Remark Classic OMR® scoring solution? Using this solution you can easily scan and score practices tests for:

  • ACT or SAT practice tests
  • ACT WorkKeys
  • ACT Residual tests

Join the webinar and learn how Scantron clients are supporting their college-bound students and incoming freshman with automated exam scoring. You’ll hear from some of our customers and see a demo of the Remark solution in action.

Don’t miss the webinar handouts!

ACT Sample Reports   SAT Sample Reports


Joey Holley, Principal, Dickson County High School, TN
Marty Connolly, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Scantron Assessment Solutions