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Conducting broad research is not always straightforward. Many study participants these days prefer to communicate online – causing challenges when you’re more accustomed to traditional research techniques. However, don’t let the method compromise the precision of your data. Try using Scantron’s multi-modal surveys. They are incredibly effective and can enhance your results.

Online, Mobile, Paper or Hybrid Survey

Scantron makes it easy to deliver surveys and capture responses in a variety of ways: on mobile devices, on paper forms, or online. You can choose one or all delivery methods to match the way respondents want to complete the survey.

Real-Time Response Reporting

Responses are available for reporting as soon as they come in, allowing you to perform real-time analysis of critical business feedback. Predefined report layouts quickly and easily display key metrics as data becomes available. You can also export report data for external analysis.

Easy Survey Design

After you know what questions you want to ask, Scantron provides an easy method to design forms, including a question wizard to guide you through every step of question creation and a question library, so you can design questions once, then re-use them in multiple surveys.

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