Streamlining Your Testing with Automated Solutions

Scantron offers a comprehensive solution for seamless development, administration, and analysis of student tests, allowing for effortless score reporting. With ParSystem®, educators gain more time to focus on their core teaching responsibilities. The integrated modules of ParSystem provide the necessary tools for tracking student progress, delivering tests, and generating insightful performance reports.

Create Items & Tests

Generate item banks, construct and oversee tests with ParTest. Seamlessly share answer keys and test details with ParScore and ParTest Online.

Deliver Tests

Create test booklets or question sheets in ParTest to be used with Scantron forms or administer tests online through ParTest Online.

Score Tests & Report Results

Record results from paper and online assessments and upload them into the system for examination and presentation. Transmit scores to your LMS to prioritize instructing students over data entry.

Important Information about Network / LAN Installations

  • Scantron ended Network / LAN technical support on December 31, 2023.
  • Customers with  Network / LAN installations can continue to use the application without support.
  • Network / LAN customers who wish to upgrade must install single-workstation licenses; no upgrade options are available for  Network / LAN customers.

Important Information about Software Technical Support

Please reference the table below for a list of currently supported Scantron ParSystem versions.

Par Versions Not Supported Not Supported Supported Version Supported Current Version
ParTest 6.5 Access 7.0 to 7.3 Access 7.4 Access 7.5 Access
ParScore 6.5 Access 8.0 to 8.011 Access 8.011 Access 8.11000 SQL
PTOL 6.5 7.0 to 7.3 7.4 7.5