Collaborate, Create, Conquer!

Automate your exam development and delivery with EvaExam. Collaborate with peers to create sharable question banks or create each test individually to suit your immediate needs. Tests can be short, to monitor learning progress; or longer, to support your final exam. Deliver tests online, on paper, or both—all results always save into the same database for efficient results reporting.

Give Tests Online or On Paper

Regardless of your choice, all responses are scored equitably using the same scoring engine and storing scores from both methods in the same place.

Support Multiple Item Types

EvaExam supports the following item types: Multiple choice (single or multiple response, including KPRIM support) True/False Open response Gridded response (for handwriting recognition) Matching. You can also create equations, graphics, and question groups.

Collaborate with Peers

EvaExam supports multiple levels of question libraries. Using the hierarchical folder structure, instructors can easily locate and collaborate on shared questions.