Your Premier Research Partner

Managing a survey can be a complicated project. Scantron’s survey experts can help. We offer a complete suite of services that can supplement your existing team or manage the entire project for you.

  • Drive Accountability

In some cases, you may be performing research or a survey because a regulation requires you to. You know the law, but you may not know how to create a survey that complies. Our survey design and development experts can ensure your survey reflects best practices.

  • Provide Equity

Universal Design delivers equity built-in from the ground up. The more inclusive your survey, the more fair and balanced your results will be. We develop surveys that account for vision, dexterity, and other ability concerns; provide technological equity via multiple delivery channels both online and offline; avoid racial, gender, or other bias issues; and meet ADA requirements.

  • Increase Response Rates

Your respondents represent a range of generations with a range of delivery preferences. Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure your survey meets them where they are? We provide multi-channel delivery options, including mobile, online, paper, and moderated survey options such as focus groups and other in-person events.

À la Carte or End-to-End, We're Here to Help

Why Scantron Survey Services?

Experience and Expertise

  • Over 50 years of experience and expertise
  • Expertise creating questions to support compliance, equity, and increased response rates
  • Scantron carefully listens to your needs and guides your research and data collection

Flexible Delivery

  • Mobile forms collect data from respondents on-the-go
  • Online forms speed up response time for the internet-savvy
  • Paper forms make it easy for traditional respondents to reply
  • Moderated surveys add the human touch with a phone or in-person approach

Supplement Your Team or Outsource It All

  • Scantron provides solutions to meet the requirements of your research goals
  • Scantron is a partner—we can complete the entire project or supplement your team

Full-Service Solution Provider

  • In-house multi-methodologies, data collection, reporting, research analysts on staff, and tenured project managers
  • Scantron provides guidance for all phases of the project from initial design to results-driven action plans
  • Full-service mailshop takes your survey from idea to mailbox
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