The Scantron Survey Services team helps organizations better understand stakeholders’ perceptions. Our dedicated project management team works closely with you to achieve your survey and data management objectives.

Assessment is more than testing knowledge—it also involves assessing perceptions through surveys, evaluations, and other feedback mechanisms. In today’s challenging economy, you need a sustainable competitive advantage. To gain that advantage, you need the answers to questions such as:

  • What is our customers’ overall satisfaction?
  • What is causing our customer attrition?
  • What are our customers’ next most likely purchases?
  • When our customers are in the market for new products/services, will they come to us first?
  • Will our customers recommend us to friends/family?
  • Do our employees have the training, tools, and resources they need to provide superior service that drives customer loyalty?

Scantron Survey Services can help you gather these critical insights from your customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Strengthen the quality of your program.

Developing data analysis strategies is essential in providing educational leaders with valuable and meaningful information whether it’s for internal personnel or course progress reports.

Effectively monitor the success of workshops, lectures, and courses

Evaluation is an opportunity to gather valuable data to prove whether the resources allocated to a certain topic are meeting the curriculum standards set forth by the educational institution.

Scantron Survey Services uses evaluation strategies that help maintain a certain standard of management and learning. Your organization can truly see any level of success or failure through a well-planned process. This analysis offers the data to back up the decision to implement revise or remove a program.

Effectively conduct and analyze research projects

Whether you are collecting demographics, psychographics or ethnographics, Scantron Survey Services can help you gather thorough scientific data to address hypotheses, draw conclusions and communicate results.

Why Scantron Survey Services?

Experience and Expertise

  • Independent research firm with 40 years of experience and expertise
  • Expertise in the financial industry, healthcare, automotive, federal government, education
  • Scantron carefully listens to your needs and guides your research and data collection

Flexible Delivery Model (Scale Up or Down)

  • Scantron provides solutions to meet the requirements of your research goals
  • Scantron is a partner—we can complete the entire project or supplement your team

Full-Service Solution Provider

  • In-house multi-methodologies, data collection, reporting, research analysts on staff, and tenured project managers
  • Proprietary suites of surveys designed especially for the financial industry to get you surveying faster: AllianceLink™ Financial
  • Scantron provides guidance for all phases of the project from initial design to results-driven action plans