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Leverage rapidness and accuracy through Scantron’s quick and exact data collection services for corporate and government sectors. Elevate your productivity and effectiveness to the next level.

Stakeholder Surveys

Boost your comprehension of your business or public sector using comprehensive surveys. These essential feedback tools enable you to gauge the views, experiences, sentiments, and opinions of key participants. The deeper your knowledge, the better you’re equipped to make data-driven choices.

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In-Person & Mail-In Ballots

Be efficient in counting both in-person and mail-in votes to streamline the voting process. Efficient tallying can make a significant contribution to fair and smoother elections. Remember, every vote counts!

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Event, Conference & Meeting Evaluations

By consistently conducting comprehensive, properly planned, and thoroughly implemented evaluations, you’ll unlock numerous chances for enhancement. Stay committed to this approach and you’ll witness impressive improvements. Embrace the practice, optimize, and elevate your journey towards success.

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Patient Forms

Vital health communications, patient feedback, and varied data collection can sometimes be demanding and put a strain on your priorities and resources. Scantron is here to assist… From printing to publishing and collecting data, we’ve got your organizational needs covered.

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Research Studies

Connect with your respondents on every platform – be it online, mobile, paper or even hybrid. Keep up-to-date with real-time response reporting, and track changes over time with longitudinal reporting. Never miss an opportunity to collect feedback with our efficient survey scheduler.

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Professional Services

Conception, execution, interpretation, and tailored advice – we’ve got you covered! Be assured that we’ve got the necessary tools and know-how to fully meet your data collection needs.

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