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Scantron helps organizations worldwide measure and improve effectiveness with assessment and data capture solutions built on leading products and comprehensive, value-added services. We are best known for our pioneering and exceptional solutions to enable data-driven decision-making at all levels. We serve 96 of the top 100 school districts in the United States, 84 of the top 100 US higher education institutions, as well as 105 countries with Scantron distribution or products, 42 Ministries of Education, and top international universities throughout the world with data solutions for their assessment programs.

Leading the Evolution of Assessment Scantron Scanners

Scantron is the market leader in OMR scanning and is known for creating reliable and durable scanning systems. We create low-volume desktop scanners as well as high-volume machines that can scan and retrieve data at 15,000 sheets per hour. Unlike general purpose image-only scanners, our top-quality machines are designed specifically for collecting data. We have 46,000 active scanners installed across the globe.

Improving Workflow Processes Through Data Capture and Analytics

Scantron’s high-speed data capture and imaging solutions provide the highest degree of accuracy for high- and mid-stakes projects around the globe. Together with our international distributor network, Scantron can plan a solution that meets your specific assessment and organizational goals. Leading experts in high-stakes exam processing Scantron has particular international expertise in large-scale, high volume, and high-stakes examinations processing. We are experts at designing solutions for large-scale, high-volume centralized processing centers and for multi-site, regional, and localized environments.

Experienced and dedicated Scantron’s global network consists of professionals who are experienced and dedicated to helping education and business leaders around the world adapt Scantron’s hardware and software to meet their specific data capture, aggregation, and assessment needs.

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