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Gathering feedback about all aspects of campus life (e.g., instructor and course evaluations, services satisfaction, learning outcomes) is a crucial part of academic and campus community success. The most effective way to collect this feedback and gain the insights it provides is to ask for it. Scantron’s web-based evaluation system makes this process easy and effective.

Improve the Quality of Instruction

Class Climate provides an end-to-end system so you can collect the data you need to guide instructors or speakers and ensure that your courses and events are the best they can be.

Support Different Programs with Different Needs

From managing multiple sections of a single classes to hybrid courses to pure online courses, students are experiencing education in new ways. Institutions need an evaluation process that makes it easy to capture perceptions that are unique to different programs. Class Climate supports both centralized and non-centralized questionnaire templates.

Save Time and Effort with a Turn-Key Solution

You know you need feedback, but manually managing a large-scale evaluation system can tax even the most robust team. Trying to compare that data across time increases the complexity further. Class Climate provides a one-stop tool to manage this process— automatically!

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