Use One Point of Contact for All IT Support

Do you have a huge list of IT-related tasks that keep you from doing business?

Not only is Scantron Technology Solutions a preferred support provider for Tribute and TrulinX users around the country, but we also provide comprehensive IT support. In fact, we’ve been thinking of ways to make your IT do more, with less downtime and lower cost, since 1972.

Tell us what you expect from your IT. We’ll assess your environment and suggest options to improve performance and availability. Then you can focus on the tasks that add value to your business. Our comprehensive Managed IT services cover these elements and more:

  • PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, POS terminals, monitors
  • Multi-function printer-copiers, Zebra printers, scanners
  • Network servers, WiFi, internet connectivity
  • Cloud applications, Office 365
  • Security, antivirus, backup and recovery

Complete the request form and we’ll follow up with you within two business days.


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We evaluated other local solutions. TrulinX suggested Scantron and we have been extremely satisfied with their service. They are prompt in their response and their service, both remote and on-site, is fantastic. This is one area of our business we can hand off and know it will be taken care of.

Sherry W. Custom Hydraulics and Design, Charlotte, NC

Our company was having difficulty keeping pace with our growing IT needs. We were spending too much time and energy working to resolve our network issues. Scantron helped us reconfigure our network to meet our current and future needs. They now install and monitor our system updates and virus scans so we can focus our time and energy running our business. I highly recommend Scantron.

Chris Hart Hart Industries, Middletown, OH

The support and commitment that Scantron Technology Solutions provides ensures confidence in our infrastructure.  Helping to reduce the risks of system errors and security threats. They are a partner with employees dedicated to the customers needs.

Mick W. Florida Seal & Rubber, Tampa, FL

The consistency of support has been outstanding and every call has resulted in a first-time fix. Excellent, friendly, willing to help, from implementation to set up, from the helpdesk to the account executive.

Rob Hormann Customer Service Representative F.B. Wright of Cincinnati

Use One Provider for All Network, Cloud and Device Support

With affianceSUITE®, use one point of contact to handle any IT performance and availability problem. We’ll proactively monitor your systems to minimize downtime and support everything you have.

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One Point of Contact to Install, Manage and Upgrade All Hardware

Scantron can support and extend the useful life of almost any hardware, and when it’s time, provide you with a phased upgrade plan. Select a level of service, from Onsite to Advance Exchange, that meets your goals without breaking your budget.

Complete the request form and tell us how you want your IT to serve your business, or call 800.228.3628 now to request a consultation.