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Print and distribute homework packets to students learning from home

If you’re responsible for printing and distributing class or homework packets, you may be struggling to find the staff and resources to prepare materials to support your efforts. Scantron can help save time and effort managing your delivery programs

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Quality When It Counts

Many large assessment and survey projects often demand the coordination of several vendors in order to develop and distribute the project on time. At Scantron, we centralize this effort, and we take great pride in our delivery services. We provide a wide array of custom fulfillment and delivery solutions—everything from special packaging to personalized individual mailings to palletized bulk shipments.

Great results happen because of superior planning, flawless execution, and incomparable standards. Partnering with the Scantron Print Services Team gives you the flexibility, convenience, and advantage of a reliable, proven source to produce all of your assessment, survey, and data collection materials. From design services and print production to delivery and fulfillment services, we have a total suite of offerings to help you successfully execute your program.

A Sample of Our Options

  • Shrink-wrapping / Unique packaging
  • Collation / Slip sheeting
  • Folding & Inserting
  • Individual mailings
  • Custom order fulfillment
  • Special palletizing and bulk shipments
  • Report generation
  • Program management

We believe in building long-lasting relationships by understanding our client’s needs. To assist in this  process, we provide a dedicated customer service representative to assist you with every facet of your project—from the initial concept through design, production, and delivery

Watch High-Precision Printing in Action

Go beyond bubble forms with custom non-scan printing, kitting, and shipping. See Scantron’s high-tech printing capabilities in action.

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