Four Steps to Quality

Our staff of skilled professionals understands the requirements of data capture and scanning projects, ensuring your materials are technically correct, aesthetically pleasing, and delivered on-time every time. A well-designed form is ineffective without a flawlessly executed fulfillment and delivery plan.

  • Design: Starts with a smartly designed, scannable form customized to meet your needs
  • Print: High quality materials precision printed and, if requested, pre-coded for each respondent
  • Deliver: The right form to the right person
  • Support: High-quality, flexible, cost‑effective support services

Great results happen because of superior planning, flawless execution, and incomparable standards. Partnering with the Scantron Print Services Team gives you the flexibility, convenience, and advantage of a reliable, proven source to produce all of your assessment, survey, and data collection materials. From design services and print production to delivery and fulfillment services, we have a total suite of offerings to help you successfully execute your program.

For almost 50 years, the primary mission of our Print Services team has been to provide the very best scannable forms possible. In support of this mission, we are committed to designing, printing, and delivering forms that are guaranteed to meet your specifications and data capture needs. Our commitment is backed by our written guarantee.

We are dedicated to delivering superior products and services that you can count on. Our print facility is over 120,000 square feet and specializes in the design, production, and fulfillment of assessment, survey, and high-stakes data capture projects. It meets rigorous quality standards and is ISO-9001:2015 certified—a certification of which we are very proud.

We can support your large-scale testing and survey projects with pre-coded booklets, answer sheets, and survey forms, creating individualized assessment kits quickly and accurately. We can package and ship directly to a central location or your various building locations, or we can provide individualized mailings – saving you time and freeing your limited resources for other critical tasks.

Scantron Print Services has a solution for you. From scannable forms to non-scan materials, we can print, personalize, and mail your assessment, survey, or other items.

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