• Are your test items actually measuring what matters to the business?
  • Does your training & assessment model translate to successful employees and customers?

Developing effective assessments isn’t easy. It’s an even greater challenge when your company depends on training for effective service delivery, customer adoption and loyalty, and, in many instances, revenue.

How can you be sure that your assessment data is linked to your key performance indicators and is providing you with valid, reliable information?

This webinar reviews the full assessment development cycle and outlines key factors to consider at each step along the way. This cycle includes linking success indicators to the test content and evaluating test data in relation to training effectiveness.

Attendees will get practical advice on creating effective tests and specific examples of test items. O’Neal will also share insights on interpreting assessment results for better decision-making.

About the presenter

O’Neal Hampton has nearly ten years’ experience in assessment and survey development. During that time O’Neal has developed surveys for a diverse group of customers including fortune 500 retailers, financial institutions, K12 and higher education institutions, faith based organizations, and hospitals. He has advised customers on survey methodology and question/item development, completed qualitative and quantitative analyses, developed reports, and facilitated focus groups. His survey experience includes customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and 360-degree assessments.