Certified Licensing Professional Certification

The Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) program is a professional designation intended to distinguish those who have demonstrated experience, proficiency, knowledge and exposure to licensing and commercialization of intellectual property through involvement in patenting, marketing, valuation, IP law, negotiation, and intellectual asset management.
How To Register

Please refer to the Candidate Handbook link below for eligibility criteria, application deadlines and other registration information.

Reasonable Accommodation requests must be received by CLP at least 45 days prior to the testing appointment date. Once CLP reviews the request, the approval for reasonable accommodations will be forwarded to Scantron.

CLP Retake Policy Candidate Handbook Online Registration Website Recertification Information
Purchase Practice Tests

CLP offers a practice test and answer key free of charge by request.

The practice test is unproctored, and statistical analysis of item/exam performance is not completed. Performance on the practice exam is not necessarily indicative of performance on the actual CLP certification exam. The purpose of the practice test is to provide candidates with a tool to familiarize themselves with the types of questions they may encounter on the exam.

Please contact CLP directly at clpinfo@licensingcertification.org to obtain a copy.

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