Streamlining Evaluations, Boosting the Learning Experience!

Class Climate® provides fast and accurate processing for course evaluations (online or on paper) in a single system. Functions include reports on study courses, departments, training seminars and programs to fit your organization. Raw data is just a few clicks away for a more detailed analysis.

Multiple Delivery Options with Unified Results

Regardless of whether responses are collected online or scanned into the system, results for each survey are stored in a single location for reporting and analysis.

Robust Reporting Engine

Class Climate includes a robust reporting engine, but sometimes you want to dig further, bringing results into a more broad-based analytics engine. You can export results from Class Climate to a variety of formats so you can explore your data in as much detail as you want.

Supports Myriad Use Cases

Above and beyond traditional evaluations, Class Climate supports all your survey needs–institutional effectiveness surveys, assessment planning, policy and procedure review, facilities master planning, to name just a few.

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