Faulty assumptions about IT security and compliance turn into urgent crises.

As devices and access points proliferate, so do the risks to your networks, systems, and information. Don’t become a statistic.

Take advantage of our proactive network monitoring and management and layered security services. Keep your organization running and your data safe.

Our Services

  • System security analysis. We comprehensively review your network security, then deliver a report and recommendations.
  • Managed firewall service. We implement a state-of-the-art firewall to manage network traffic. This provides intrusion detection, prevention, and reporting capabilities.
  • Web content filtering. This manages web traffic through the firewall.
  • Gateway anti-virus. This protects against malware at a network’s perimeter.
  • Hosted spam filtering. Stop spam and associated malware before it reaches your network by routing inbound and outbound email traffic through a filter.
  • Remote vulnerability assessments. We periodically test your perimeter security and deliver reports.
  • Internal vulnerability assessments. We use your onsite hardware and software to compare your network’s vulnerabilities against a known database and produce vulnerability reporting for prioritized remediation.

EndPoint Protection

For affianceSUITE® customers, we offer a set of security services that includes anti-virus, anti-malware, and DNS filtering. Together, they act as multiple layers of protection for PCs, laptops and other endpoint devices.