What is a Cloud Readiness Assessment

A cloud readiness assessment is used by businesses to get a holistic view of your tech stack and determine which components of their IT environment would be a good fit to move to the cloud.

Cloud readiness assessments provide the necessary information to build your proof-of-concept and choose the right cloud provider. The cloud assessment process reviews your operating systems, applications, and data without impacting your production environment. The data is used to formulate the best possible cloud migration plan for your company.


Requst a Cloud Assessment


STS Cloud Adoption Review


The Value of a Cloud Readiness Assessment

Moving to the cloud is an essential component of your digital transformation roadmap. STS has established a seamless and proven cloud migration process to help small to medium-size businesses.  STS works with businesses to ensure that you and your IT staff are 100% ready to seamlessly move your applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud.   

Our cloud experts will:

  • Avoid the pitfalls and complexity that come with cloud migration.
  • Help meet your business, IT, and budget goals when you move to the cloud
  • Address and mitigate any risk, compliance, or security vulnerabilities
  • Maximize your cloud platforms and optimize performance
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