Scantron’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Service enables rapid recovery of mission critical systems and makes tape-based backup unnecessary. We use an onsite server appliance, software, and secure offsite storage. In the event of a failure, you can either restore your critical data or switch operations over to the server appliance. Free up time and resources and rest assured that your data is secure.

Choosing a Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

Those that go the “on-premise” route inherit the risk associated with server downtime. Most organizations would begin to suffer serious repercussions from a loss of critical systems lasting more than just a few hours. Recovery time and impact from a failed system depends on many factors:

  • When the system failure occurred
  • Service availability for the failed system
  • Service response time
  • The availability of parts
  • The availability of software required to rebuild the server
  • Time to rebuild a failed system
  • The availability and viability of backup data

These factors may delay recovery of critical servers and workstations well past the tolerance level. Businesses with critical systems can mitigate or eliminate downtime impact on their business by dispensing with these considerations and going with a cloud solution.

Disaster Recovery Testing (DRT)

Ensure your company can restore data and applications and continue operations after an interruption of your services, critical IT failure or complete disruption with Disaster Recovery Testing from STS.

Hybrid Data Recovery Solutions

 Benefits of a Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

  • Affordable: far less costly than recovering from a few system failures or a data disaster
  • Real-time recovery for critical devices
  • Secure and efficient: automated and encrypted data handling
  • Comply with business continuity requirements
  • Scale as your business grows

Components and Features of Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Server appliance onsite for fast backup, restores
  • Store a copy of your data and server images at a secure, SSAE 16 data center; replicate and refresh on an automatic, predetermined schedule
  • Scantron implements, manages, and administers your backup and recovery process
  • Local availability of files and folders for restores
  • Local availability of critical system images
  • Offsite availability of files, folders and system images

How Does Cloud Disaster Recovery Work?

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services architectures add flexibility, affordability and reliability to your business continuity and recovery model.