The Better Way to Do Hardware

What if you could circumvent the entire hardware lifecycle—and the attendant costs and impact on your personnel—and go straight to productivity? Imagine always being able to provide your team with current technology and never having to budget for the next upgrade.

Eliminate the time and expense of buying, configuring, and deploying hardware without sacrificing IT performance. Scantron Device as a Service (DaaS) combines hardware sourcing, deployment, support, and lifecycle services into one solution for a predictable monthly fee. Work with just one point of contact for all hardware needs, and free your IT resources to focus on initiatives that drive the business.

Cover every point in the hardware lifecycle with one point of contact.

With DaaS, you can outsource every aspect of IT hardware deployment, support, and lifecycle for a simple monthly fee—to one point of contact. With refresh cycles of three to five years, you’re always working with the latest hardware and operating systems.

Because Scantron is vendor-agnostic, you are not restricted to one manufacturer. DaaS encompasses all Scantron-supported devices: laptops, tablets, PCs, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, multi-function devices, and more.

Hardware Lifecycle Management

One company covering all service and support

Accountability, Depth, and Expertise

Scantron Technology Solutions is a service provider first, hardware reseller second. Our goal is to provide you the optimal hardware, software, and support model for success. We have a decades-long track record of successful deployments and ongoing support for all sizes of organizations.

Vendor Agnostic

We partner with dozens of industry-leading manufacturers including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Lexmark, Microsoft, Xerox, and more. This allows you to use any supported hardware under DaaS. We design around the equipment you prefer.

Recognized Leading Channel Partner

Industry associations rank Scantron as a top channel partner. Our innovative solution design, service expertise, and continuous growth lead to better vendor relationships, which drive better results for our customers.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive needs analysis
  • Flexible three, four, or five year terms, and available 12-month rental options
  • Eliminate the need for vendor management: Scantron serves as your single point of contact for all DaaS devices and all  maintenance needs
  • Scale up at any time: add as you need them, ready to plug-and-play
  • Predictable costs through simple, per-device monthly billing
  • Lifecycle management with planned refreshes: always work with current technology, without taking your IT resources offline for removal, disposition, or installation of new devices and upgrades
  • Trusted hardware and finance partners
  • Freight included

DaaS Financial Advantages

DaaS simplifies budgeting and accounting. Leverage your capital rather than sink it into depreciating assets, and enjoy predictable expenses every month. Scantron DaaS reduces or eliminates vendor management, resulting in stronger accountability yet also allowing you to choose which manufacturers you want to buy from.