Training Details

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, procedures and hands-on experience required for the successful implementation and operation of your Remark Classic OMR software using ACT Residual Exam.


Scantron® Training Services offers structured, self-paced online training that can be modified to fit into your schedule.


Working knowledge of personal computers and Microsoft® Windows® is required.


This course is recommended for personnel responsible for using and maintaining Remark Classic OMR software using the ACT Residual Exam.

System Requirements

Online delivery:

  • One PC with Internet access along with the current version of the software and scanner installed
  • The ability to access a collaboration tool such as GoToMeeting®
  • Introduction to Remark Classic OMR
  • Understanding common terminology
  • Selecting the ACT Residual template 
  • Selecting the ACT Scaled Scored Database (Microsoft® Excel® Required) 
  • Scanning and editing using the ACT Residual Template 
  • Using Quick Stats reporting
Class Format

In these courses, you will gain a deep understanding of the product through instructional video chapters, learning checks and effectively aligned objectives. Relevant resources paired with step-by-step videos progress you through self-paced, online learning to create the results you seek. All content is delivered with the quality and support you’ve come to expect from Scantron®.

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