Training Details

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, procedures, and hands-on experience required for the successful implementation and operation of Scantron DesignExpert applications.


Online delivery: One six-hour day


Working knowledge of personal computers and Microsoft® Windows® is required.


This course is recommended for personnel responsible for the creation and development of scannable forms.

System Requirements

Online delivery:

  • One PC with Internet access, along with the current version of the software and scanner installed
  • A two-way speakerphone with long distance capabilities
  • The ability to access a collaboration tool such as GoToMeeting®
  • A Scantron DesignExpert-compatible printer, capable of printing within 5mm to the edge of a document, must be available,

On-site delivery:
Customer must provide a classroom-type environment including:

  • An instructor station with an LCD projector
  • One PC per student along with the current version of software installed
  • One Scantron scanner accessible to the group
  • Introduction to Scantron DesignExpert
  • Critical Components of Scannable Forms
  • Drop-out Colors and Design Requirements
  • Document Set-up Wizard
  • Pantone matching System® Colors
  • Laser Printing Forms
  • Pre-slugging OMR Forms
  • Overview of Graphic Elements
  • Alignment Testing
Class Format

Instructor-led seminar with hands-on participation. Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance

Up to four participants

Up to six participants

Contact Info

Call: 1-800-722-6876 ext. 6123