with Scantron ParSystem and Class Climate

Saddleback College is a comprehensive community college located in south Orange County, CA. Serving about 25,000 students, the college offers a variety of awards to students, ranging from an Associates Degree in Art/Science to vocational certificates. Saddleback implemented two of Scantron’s software solutions to meet their growing needs in course assessment and student testing.

The college uses Class Climate to design and administer all of its own surveys pertaining to courses and programs. This course evaluation software enables Saddleback to meet the high demand for assessments, view results instantly and improve qualitative analysis.

The college employs ParSystem to automate the testing process. This software allows the college to reduce the person-hours required, track classes longitudinally and easily create subtests. These software packages, along with the 12 Scantron imaging scanners purchased, give Saddleback College a complete end-to-end solution for all their testing and assessment needs.