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Incident Response and Business Continuity Planning

Examiners have been pushing banks to do more table-top testing and enhance their Incident Response Plan (IRP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP). See why both plans are crucial in the fight against outside threats and learn more about this ever evolving bank documentation requirement.

Presented by, STS

Leadership Roundtable: Cybersecurity

Hear from leaders of financial institutions as they share their thoughts, experiences and advice on staying vigilant in their fight against cyber criminals, how they managed their remote workforce policy changes and the ever changing compliance and regulations standards of the banking industry.

Participants: Chyanne Krause, CIO, Charter West Bank, Seth Bingham, Vice President Technology, Auburn State Bank and Darcy Ray, Vice President, Finance, Equitable Bank

Facilitated by Pat Heller, Vice President, SMB Sales, STS

Evolving Threats Against Remote Work

Threat actors have stepped up their game to meet the modern workforce where it is today. While threats to your organizations are old hat, it’s time to look at how attackers are changing in new ways. Explore with us how attackers have evolved along with ways to meet them at the door and keep your users secure.

Presented by, Zix

Next Generation Antivirus

Next Generation Antivirus shouldn’t require signature-based detection or human intervention of convict threats. Learn about the benefits of automated identification and mitigation that use behavioral AI to track and convict threats without the large time gap between infection, detection, and response.

Presented by, SentinelOne

Zero Day Attacks - Reevaluating the Threat Landscape

In this webinar, we reviewed a brief history of zero day attacks, what zero day attacks are, as well as what actions hackers taken after exploitation of zero day attacks and protective controls that can be applied. We also demonstrated an attack similar to the Exchange Zero Day attack and the resulting China Chopper Web Shell that many organizations faced.

Presented by, Secure Guard Consulting

Cybersecurity: A People Problem

The emerging area of managed detection and response offers financial institutions, and others, the opportunity to augment their existing IT staffs and improve their security postures while at the same time simplifying compliance.

During this webcast, we provided an overview of the compliance and security challenges faced by financial institutions and the value provided by managed detection and response (MDR) solutions. Also, demonstrating how financial institutions can leverage MDR and other security operations solutions to address every CIO’s main concern: “Is my company safe and compliant?”

Presented by, Artic Wolf