Born and raised in the small town of Ely, Minnesota, I never imagined that my life would take me on such an exciting journey. After completing my college education in Computer Science at North Dakota State University, I embarked on a career that would change my life forever.


It all started on a fateful day in July 2014 when I joined Scantron, a renowned technology company. Attracted by the promise of a free smartphone (I was still stubbornly clinging to my trusty flip phone) and the opportunity to explore the world, I eagerly embraced this new chapter of my life. Little did I know that Scantron would make its mark on me, forever shaping my future.


Initially, I started working in International Software Development and Support. Being a part of this team allowed me to collaborate with colleagues from different corners of the globe. As time went on, my responsibilities expanded. In 2020, I assumed control of all international support, encompassing both hardware and software. The following year, I took on the challenge of overseeing all Professional Services and custom software development within the company.


Before the pandemic threw the world into chaos, my job often took me on thrilling adventures. I found myself jet-setting to various countries, meeting with distributors and clients, and exploring new cultures along the way. The list of countries visited under the Scantron banner grew impressively: Canada, Puerto Rico (twice), Jamaica, Mexico (thrice), Costa Rica, England, Egypt (twice), Dubai (twice), South Africa, India, Bali, Malaysia, The Philippines, Australia (twice), Taiwan, and Japan. Each destination left a lasting imprint on my soul, expanding my perspective on life.


Yet, when the pandemic hit, my life took an unexpected turn. With the uncertainty and lockdowns, I made the bold decision to let go of my apartment and embrace a nomadic lifestyle. Every couple of months, I pack my belongings, bid farewell to one Airbnb, and move on to the next state. My trusty car transformed into a cozy refuge, provides me with a bed and freedom to roam. When I’m between states, I set up shop in local libraries, continuing my work remotely.


Throughout this nomadic adventure, I have lived in Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California, Minnesota, and Kansas. Each state offers a new landscape to explore and new opportunities to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.


Though the creativity of my story may seem low, the richness of experience that this unconventional lifestyle brings me is immeasurable. It’s not just about the places I visit or the work I do; it’s about the freedom to embrace change and find fulfillment in unexpected ways.


As I approach my 10th anniversary with Scantron this summer, I am grateful for the path it has led me on. So, I continue to wander, to learn, and to grow – a modern-day nomad living out a story that is uniquely mine.