Assessment and Exams

Scantron’s digital and traditional assessment solutions help corporate training programs scientifically measure student proficiency and identify options to increase achievement. Choose EvaExam for online, digital exams. Use ParSystem for targeted exams and shared item management. Explore simple scanning solutions for paper exams.

Technology Services

Scantron Technology Solutions provides managed IT, managed print, and hardware installation, maintenance, and support services that keep critical infrastructure operational. We provide these services to school districts and small, medium, and large businesses.


Scantron Technology Solutions Overview

We provide critical support — onsite and remote — to organizations that do not have in-house IT support or that need to supplement their existing IT support program. At more than 52,000 sites nationwide, customers use our solutions to keep their organizations running smoothly and productively.


MPowerPrint Managed Print Services

Find Savings and Free Up Your IT Staff - With MPowerPrint, you can strategically plan printer fleet management, rein in consumables costs, monitor all devices, and enjoy just-in-time replenishment of consumables. qualified STS Field Service Personnel respond to onsite service needs promptly. Manage costs and experience less downtime.


MPowerPrint + Xerox Refresh Program

Refresh your aging copiers or multifunction printers with a Xerox A3 MFP printer and MPowerPrint managed print services, the best solution for small and medium businesses.

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11 May 2021

8 Ways to Revamp Your Office Print Strategy

Printing expenses, usually the third largest business expense after payroll and facilities, can eat up as much as 3% of a business’ revenue. For small to medium size businesses, making changes or implementing a print strategy can yield large returns on your budget and operation efficiencies.  See how making key changes to your print strategy can mean big changes to your business.