Need more than an off-the-shelf solution provides?

Our deep in-house knowledge enables us to develop efficient data capture solutions that deliver a positive user experience and give you actionable information, while making the most of your existing systems and processes.

With decades of expertise in data capture, we employ a field-tested consulting methodology to discover requirements and design solutions. We go beyond data capture to streamline your workflows, bring vital information to the forefront, and empower you to make decisions.

  • Reduce or eliminate repetitive, manual steps in assessment or evaluation processes
  • Eliminate extensive training and mitigate natural personnel turnover
  • Slash the time and effort to go from raw data to qualified, usable information

We have developed tailored applications like the following for organizations across the spectrum, all over the world.

  • Behavior-based safety observation
  • Licensure assessment and tracking
  • Test scoring and reporting
  • Multi-site evaluation, inspection and observation reporting & analysis

We’ve also helped customers capture more data and transform it faster into useful, actionable information in many other industries including mining, manufacturing, supply chain & logistics, retail, transportation, and more.

Oil & Natural Gas Refineries

A major US refinery uses our content creation software to manage a library of observation items for their behavior based observation program. They customize the electronic source files for forms, and then overprint them on our pre-printed template forms for consistency, precision and accuracy. The refinery customizes their forms at multiple sites and changes the forms at will. They have reduced data entry from five minutes per form to capturing 100 forms — including handwritten comments — in a few minutes.


A regional power company had a 23 step-process to capture observations and transform them into usable reports. Scantron embedded their business rules into a workflow, enabled real-time edits to submitted forms, and reduced the number of steps to four.

Government Agencies

A state fish & wildlife agency required a unique assessment solution for licensing that would populate multiple types of reporting systems. They had evaluated numerous off-the-shelf programs but could not find one that met their requirements. We produced a complete assessment application including assessment building tools, item libraries, exam forms, scanning and scoring, aggregated reporting, individual tracking, and compliance reporting.

Higher Education

A nationally renowned Midwestern university required a flexible assessment and scoring system to ensure the greatest possible consistency, speed, and accuracy of results, combined with rapid delivery of analytical reports. We developed a system that included personalized form printing for individual students, “one-button” scanning of forms, a flexible form template for overprinting, and integration with their student information system for reliable tracking and records.