Expand Your Test Scoring Capabilities

The Scantron Score emulation mode allows your OpScan or iNSIGHT scanner to scan Test Scoring Machine forms, similar to the Scantron Score.

  • Score multiple choice, true/false, and matching tests
  • Print a red error mark to indicate a wrong answer*
  • Print correct answer (alphabetic or numeric) next to incorrect answer (optional)*
  • Print the total number of correct answers*
  • Print the percentage correct (optional)*
  • Associate results with a specific student using the Student ID feature (when used with Remark software)
  • Works with most of the same forms used with Scantron Score and 888P+ scanners.
  • Can be used with optional Remark Classic OMR® software to provide a variety of informative reports

* Requires optional printer or SelfScore feature

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