As we learned in Infrastructure Strategies, the first webinar in our Fortifying District IT series, effective network support and usage starts from a robust baseline. In our second webinar in the series, we examine expanding and enhancing that baseline to support a secure learn-from-home environment that protects student privacy even when students and teachers—and their district-owned devices—are not inside your network.

Join Scantron IT experts and learn how to enhance your IT cybersecurity strategy:

  • What layers of support do you need to provide secure virtual learning?
    • Security implications for testing & virtual teaching
    • Support for home devices that are not owned or managed by the district
    • Preventing “Zoombombing” (regardless of video system used)
    • Options for securing at-home wi-fi
    • Maintaining student privacy while using laptop or tablet cameras
  • What are the typical types of attack and how can you defend against them?
  • What else should you consider when supporting a virtual learning network environment?
  • How can you audit your network security and IT policies for expanded usage?

Featured Speaker:

  • Arturo Romero, Senior Security Engineer, Scantron Technology Solutions


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