Training Details

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, procedures, and hands‑on experience required for the successful implementation and operation of Class Climate applications.


2 Days


Working knowledge of personal computers and Microsoft® Windows® is recommended.


This course is recommended for personnel responsible for creating surveys and data collection using Class Climate software applications.

System Requirements

Online delivery:

  • One PC with Internet access, with the software and scanner installed.
  • A two-way speakerphone with long distance capabilities
  • The ability to access a collaboration tool such as GoToMeeting®
  • A PostScript™ laser printer

On-site delivery:
Customer must provide a classroom‑type environment including:

  • one LCD projector
  • one PC per student
  • one Scantron scanner accessible to the group

Required equipment may be rented from us.

  • Introduction to Class Climate
  • Preparing the system for Class Climate
  • Creating questionnaires
  • Capturing responses
  • Analyzing / sending result
  • General surveys
Class Format

Instructor-led lecture, class and group discussions, and hands‑on lab exercises.


Maximum four students.

$4,295* (Instructor expenses included)
Maximum six students.

  • Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.
Contact Info

Call: 1-800-336-3426 ext. 6123