LXR support has ended. Are you working without a net?

With Scantron, Migrate Your LXR Items and Integrate Your Testing System With Your LMS.
Don’t Wait for Your Instance of LXR*test to Fail.

Work with Scantron! Here’s why:

  • Easy migration. We can convert your LXR test banks to ParSystem test banks so you’re ready to test immediately.
  • Integrate your LMS. Using a Learning Management System? We have a solution to help you easily transfer scores from ParSystem to your LMS gradebook.
  • Multi-mode. Deliver tests online, on paper, or both — store all test results in a single database.
  • ParSystem supports Windows 10. Don’t bank on software stuck on older versions of Windows.

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*See scanners system requirements on each eligible scanner for details. Win10 compatibility does not apply to the iNSIGHT 150.

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