Revolutionizing Data Capture Solutions in the Philippines



In today’s digital era, businesses are constantly looking for ways to automate processes and streamline data management. When it comes to paper-based data capture solutions, there is one name in the Philippines that stands out from the rest – Syrex Corporation. With a strong focus on Scantron hardware and exceptional after-sales support, Syrex has established itself as the go-to distributor for end-to-end paper-based data capture solutions in the country. So what sets Syrex apart? Let’s explore its journey to success.


A Scantron Distributor with a Difference

Syrex Corporation is primarily known as the Scantron distributor in the Philippines. With Scantron’s strong brand recognition in the education sector worldwide, Syrex has successfully positioned itself as the leading provider of paper-based testing solutions.

“A key advantage for us is the Scantron brand. Scantron has strong brand recognition and it is known as the standard used for paper-based testing in the education sector worldwide,“ says Syrex Corporation’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Don Sy. “Combined with our technical expertise and excellent after-sales support, we have even strengthened the Scantron brand in the country clients choose Scantron solutions over other OMR hardware and Image scanners.”



The Journey to Success

Syrex Corporation’s journey began when the Department of Education, an existing client, approached them with a specific OMR hardware requirement. Determined to meet their client’s needs, Syrex sourced and supplied the desired brand, which was NCS (now Scantron). This successful collaboration not only strengthened the relationship with the Department of Education but also opened doors to new opportunities in the education sector.


A Defining Moment: The Opscan 10 Project

One of the biggest milestones in Syrex Corporation’s history was the successful implementation of the Opscan 10 in a high-stakes assessment project. This project not only involved providing the hardware but also automating and creating a seamless process flow for data management. By showcasing its competence not just in hardware but also in data management solutions, Syrex established itself as a trusted partner for large-scale assessment projects.


Unveiling the Favorite: Opscan 4ES

When it comes to Scantron products, the Opscan 4ES holds a special place in the heart of Syrex Corporation. This model meets the diverse requirements of the education industry in the Philippines, ultimately contributing to its widespread adoption. With its exceptional accuracy, speed, and reliability, the Opscan 4ES stands out as a game-changer in the field of paper-based testing.


Taking Calculated Risks: The Scantron Exclusive Approach

Syrex Corporation boldly decided to move away from multiple brands and focus solely on Scantron-based solutions. This strategic decision involved significant investments in software development, technical support, and consumables departments. By exclusively dedicating themselves to the OMR business, Syrex minimized risks and ensured that they were at the forefront of OMR technology adoption in the Philippines.


Fun Fact: Syrex’s Exclusive Scantron Focus

What sets Syrex Corporation apart from other distributors is its unwavering commitment to Scantron. Unlike its competitors, Syrex is exclusively focused on providing end-to-end solutions using Scantron hardware. “Even our new businesses in new industries have OMR integration such as Voice of the Customer solutions (Food industry) and Early Childhood Assessment (Daycare Industry) uses OMR technology,” reveals Sy. This singular focus has solidified Syrex’s position as a trusted name in the realm of paper-based data capture solutions.


Syrex Corporation has become a game-changer in the field of paper-based data capture solutions in the Philippines. Its partnership with Scantron, combined with its technical expertise and excellent after-sales support, has elevated its reputation as the go-to distributor for end-to-end solutions. With a successful track record, a commitment to innovation, and a customer-centric approach, Syrex continues to revolutionize the way businesses handle data capture and management.