Are Your Customers Fully Engaged?

The Gartner Group reports that fully engaged banking customers represent a 37% increase in annual revenue. How can you tell whether customers are fully engaged? Ask them!

AllianceLink® Financial is a comprehensive, multi-channel employee and customer engagement solution that takes Customer Experience Management from theory to practice.

Through a series of research-based surveys, financial institutions can measure, monitor, and improve customer and employee experiences, leading to long-term profitable growth for the company.

AllianceLink Financial goes beyond traditional surveys to improve the overall customer experience in your financial institution by providing:

  • Ongoing measurement of the customer experience including customer and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Trending analysis for tracking performance over time
  • Specific product or service enhancements
  • Increase in cross-selling success rates
  • Problem resolution to increase employee and customer retention
  • Account holder profiles to identify differences in financial goals, banking preferences, and service expectations by demographic group
  • Comparison of performance across other industry benchmarks, branches, or departments to emulate “best practices”

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