Online Quizzes to Check K–8 Student Knowledge

Hundreds of online quizzes from Scantron, ready to administer to students in their homes or on campus.

The quizzes are designed to be quick, standards-based “checks” of student knowledge delivered via Scantron’s online benchmark assessment platform. Teachers select quizzes aligned to the standards being taught so they can determine whether students have attained those standards.

Available quizzes support Mathematics for grades 1–8 and English Language Arts for grades K–8. Each quiz contains 15 items on a specific subject, strand, and grade level of Math and ELA and should take about 15 minutes for a student to complete. A comprehensive document that describes the content of each quiz helps teachers search for the quiz that covers the material to be assessed.

After signup, our expert implementation and client management team will work with you to incorporate your class rosters and provide access to on-demand training materials. Your client program manager will be available to help throughout your use of the system. This solution is fully backed by Scantron’s technical support team.

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What content is covered in Quizzes4All?

The lists below show the grade levels and the strands, or topics, covered by the quizzes. More details will be provided by your Client Program Manager.

Mathematics, Grades 1-8

  • Expressions and Equations
  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Measurement and Data
  • Number and Operations
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Ratios and Proportional Relationships
  • Statistics and Probability
  • The Number System

English Language Arts, Grades K-8

  • Foundational Skills
  • Language
  • Reading for Information
  • Reading Literary Texts

How many items are on each assessment?

Each quiz contains 15 items.

How much time do these quizzes take?

Each quiz is designed to take approximately 15 minutes.

Are the quizzes timed?


How do I determine which quizzes to use?

Scantron is providing a comprehensive document that describes the content of each test, organized by subject, strand, and grade level. Using a keyword search, teachers can locate the quiz(zes) that cover the specific standard(s) to be assessed.

How do I get started?

  1. Contact Scantron using the form below to express your interest in this solution.
  2. A Scantron representative will contact you and guide you through the setup process for configuring your quiz site.

How will I be supported?

Scantron will provide support for this solution in three ways:

  • Client Program Manager (CPM)—A Scantron-assigned CPM will assist you throughout the implementation.
  • Training Toolkit—Access to a library of training resources, including short videos and job aids for staff and students that walk you through the implementation process.
  • Technical Support—Scantron Support is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, Central time.

What tasks are involved in student, staff, and class rostering?

A range of options is available for creating rosters, from self-serve to Scantron-provided assistance with initial rostering. Your assigned CPM will provide more information on your options.

What will students need for testing?

Students must have access to the internet and a laptop or other supported device. For details about supported devices, see System Requirements.

How do students access the quizzes?

Teachers provide each student with a URL to access the quizzes, as well as the Site ID, Student ID, and specific Test ID. Students go to the URL provided, enter these IDs as prompted, and begin their quizzes.

Who can access the quiz data?

A designated staff member at each school will manage the site, and that staff member will have access to all quiz data within the school. This would typically be a position such as a school principal and/or school technology coordinator. Teachers will have access only to students enrolled in their assigned classes.

NOTE: Limited Scantron staff will have access to all data in the site, for the purposes of site maintenance and customer support.

How can staff use quiz results?

Teachers can use students’ quiz results to measure student knowledge and identify areas of future instructional focus, making Scantron’s quizzes a tool that helps identify overall class performance as well as individual student needs.

As part of this program, will I have access to other components of Scantron’s assessment platform?

The Quizzes4All program is limited to the use of the quiz content only.

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