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Tests and Quizzes

Snapshot offers an easy, fast way to measure how students are learning in real time, then personalize instruction based on results. Use Snapshot to equitably test student knowledge and measure growth on specific topics and subunits.

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Easily and instantly assess student progress and help students grow on their educational journeys. Use Scantron Snapshot to deliver end-of-chapter tests, pop quizzes, or even quick-question check-ins on difficult concepts. The solution gives teachers simple, easily deployable options for immediate intervention opportunities letting them decide how and when to test. Students receive timely feedback on their progress, rather than wait for end of unit, interim or semester tests—giving them more insight on which concepts need attention and confidence during the learning process.

Add Scantron Snapshot to your assessment mix. Classroom tests and quizzes empower educators to measure and address learning loss and unfinished learning right at the moment of learning. Scantron Snapshot qualifies for ESSER federal funding.


Simple in-class or remote testing using

  • Included or premium item banks
  • Items imported from your existing informal digital tests
  • Existing Word or PDF tests (upload and create digital key/bubble form)
  • New items created on your own or by collaborating with your department or PLC

Test as often as you need, how you want to administer

  • Deliver tests online or on paper to increase testing equity
  • Create and print bubble sheets and test booklets
  • Create live-polling questions to drive classroom engagement
  • Results in a single place, regardless of delivery

Measure progress against standards

  • Standards-aligned item banks available
  • Create your own items and align them to educational standards

Extended reporting by assessment or by standard

  • Item statistics
  • Individual Student Longitudinal Report
  • Classroom Assessment Statistics
  • Class Proficiency Report Performance

Student engagement:

  • Reflection on results
  • (If included on test) Confidence level
  • (If included on test) Performance prediction

Scantron Snapshot works with screen readers and Google Translate™ for increased equity and inclusion.

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Available Item Banks

Scantron Snapshot supports the following included and premium item banks:


  • Access to more than 300,000 pre-built items from sources like:
    • NAEP and the New York Regents Exam
    • Project 2061 Science by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Practice ACT®
  • Practice PSAT®
  • Practice SAT®
  • Eureka Math™


  • Navigate Item Bank™ by Certica Solutions
  • College Readiness Benchmark suite (Pre-ACT/ACT® and PSAT/SAT® assessments)

Choose from Three Packages

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Scantron Classic Paper Classroom Assessment

Standalone Scanning Devices

Scantron® Testing Scoring Machines and Scantron® Genuine Forms, have been education’s gold standard for automated, reliable classroom test scoring for more than four decades. Through our Loan Program, qualifying schools can use Testing Scoring Machines free of charge.

Scantron Loan Program

Scantron Score

Through the Scantron Loan Program, schools can have long- term use of one or more of our popular Test Scoring Machines free of charge in exchange for meeting an annual forms commitment. The program also offers:

  • FREE service and maintenance
  • FREE online training tutorials and videos
  • FREE technical support

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Software-Based Solutions

Scantron also offers software-based scanning solutions for organizations who need broader functionality and deployment:

  • Our Get Results package combines the standalone power of Scantron Score™ with the reporting capabilities of Remark® Classroom Edition™ to provide an affordable, shared classroom solution that provides results, not just scores.
  • Remark Classic OMR® provides an efficient, cost-effective tool to help you quickly process tests and basic surveys, and generate a variety of powerful reports.

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