Achievement Series®

This unique and powerful tool performs web-based or paper testing to measure grade level knowledge in multiple subject areas.  It also provides immediate results to accurately measure student progress.


Scantron’s content-neutral format enables you to incorporate content from a wide variety of sources, including using our standards-based item banks, importing items from textbook developers, creating your own custom items, and much more.

1 + 1 = 2

Scantron’s two-part solution combines a research-based, content-rich computer adaptive test known as Performance Series® and a content-neutral, highly flexible testing product known as Achievement Series. Educators love using this combination to develop and administer online and paper-based tests.  It’s the complete package.

Features & Benefits


24-hour access to data from any computer with Internet access


Use any content or item you like, because that’s how it should be.
• Scantron® item banks or item banks from Scantron’s partners
• Common Core State Standards or College & Career Readiness item banks
• Existing district benchmark or classroom tests
• Question banks and tests from ExamView® Test Generator by Turning Technologies®

Aligned with Standards

• State, Common Core, College & Career Readiness, or Next Generation Science Standards
• Scantron’s item banks are already aligned, to make things easy
• Identify strengths & weaknesses in preparation for interim formative measurement of student skills, as well as state testing

Multiple Delivery Methods

• Online or paper test administration – using the same test
• Inexpensive off-the-shelf imaging scanners and plain paper forms
• Mix-and-match delivery methods to support the full spectrum of technology readiness

Collaborative Environment

• Team up within your district or school to create and review item banks and tests
• Share item banks with other Achievement Series districts or schools
• Work in the same item bank creating new items from different computers

Immediate Results

• View reports as soon as test is submitted online or form is scanned
• Aggregate and disaggregate data by selected criteria
• Access standards-based reports for an individual student, class, school, district and more for state and federal reporting

Instructional Resources

• Link to more than 300,000 educator-evaluated resources organized by each state’s standards and readability through netTrekker Search
• Link from results to Skills Connection Online™ study guides for particular standards for follow-up instruction
• Use Skills Connection Online™ to create additional paper-based practice tests

How It Works


Achievement Series Flowchart


Achievement Series® allows districts to develop an unlimited number of item banks for test generation by:

  • Creating custom-tailored true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, short response, gridded response, and extended response items
  • Using Achievement Series to automatically select items for you based on particular educational standards
  • Collaborating on item development by sharing items with other districts
  • Using high-quality commercial item banks already aligned to educational standards
  • Publishing question banks from ExamView® Test Generator
  • Tracking cumulative statistics and storing items in one centralized location


Create district benchmark assessments and classroom tests by:

  • Using content from professional or self-created item banks
  • Basing a test on a simple answer key using already-printed test booklets
  • Publishing tests from ExamView® Test Generator


Mix and match paper-based and online delivery methods to meet the needs of individual district schools and classrooms by:

  • Delivering tests online  from an internet enabled device – PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle, Chromebook, (Android …is coming soon),
  • Using a cost-effective solution such as off-the-shelf imaging scanners and printing customized forms on regular plain paper
  • Using Scantron® durable Optical Mark Reader scanners and traditional standard forms to mirror high-stakes tests


Access real-time results to better inform instruction for immediate student impact by:

  • Viewing online reports right after an online test is taken or forms are scanned
  • Accessing standards-based reports for an individual student, class, school, district and more
  • Analyzing data by subgroups and demographics
  • Identifying specific student needs and strengths to adjust learning
  • Linking to standards-based resources for targeted follow-up instruction using Skills Connection Online™ and netTrekker®
  • Connecting to a variety of instructional resources provided by our alliances