Scantron Analytics

An Integrated, Dynamic Reporting System at Your Fingertips

Because today’s educational environment heavily relies on metrics to drive curricular and instructional decisions, it’s vital to have access to data.  Scantron Analytics unifies your data into a single place, so you can explore results dynamically and uncover new correlations.

Scantron Analytics delivers up-to-date information through highly visual, easy-to-understand dashboards. Scantron Analytics simply stores data you’re already collecting, sourced from a variety of educational systems, in memory—no need for an expensive data warehouse.  Important trends and previously hidden connections jump out, so you can spend your time developing creative solutions instead of trying to make sense of rows and columns of numbers.



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Key Features and Benefits

  • Expansive set of predefined dashboards, key data connectors, and data visualizations
  • Build your own custom dashboards and data visualizations to tell your own educational story
  • Host with Scantron or at your own site
  • Drill into your data to compare student cohort performance across grades, schools, and teachers
  • Answer your own questions, without having to wait for queries and reports to be built for you
  • Integrate new third-party data sources as they become available
  • Easily scale to support data sets of any size
  • Powered by QlikView, the leading data discovery platform used by thousands of public and private enterprises, so you can:
    • Consolidate data from multiple sources into a single application
    • Explore the associations in your data
    • Enable social decision-making through secure, real-time collaboration
    • Visualize data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics
    • Search across all data using filters to locate specific information
    • Interact with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics
    • Mobile device access


What People are Saying

“Tying in assessment results to all our other student data has been instrumental in driving instruction and intervention. Scantron Analytics makes data easy to use.”

Julie Oziemkowski Director of School Improvement D200 IL

“Sometimes I don’t know what questions to ask, but I find stuff [in Scantron Analytics] that makes me start asking questions. It’s very cool!”

Susan Smey Director of Media, Assessment and Intervention Hamden Public Schools

“Before we began using Scantron Analytics, analyzing school-wide student data was a process that took weeks. Now, with Scantron Analytics, we are able to complete the analysis in minutes.”

Andy Caves Principal William L. Radney Elementary

“In an instant, I can pull a report that shows the standards my students have attained and not attained. I am able to quickly provide intervention to individual students or a group of students. This data drives my instruction and allows me to meet my students’ individual needs and move them to the next level of learning.”

Katy Padgett Assistant Principal Elberta High School, AL

“With Scantron Analytics, we can look at our data from multiple perspectives as if through a camera lens. We can zoom in to analyze a particular student, or zoom out for a broader view of the class, school or district.”

Chris Lindberg Data, Research & Testing Manager Bellevue School District, WA

“We are excited to use this platform to help our teachers learn to drill deeper and better serve our students; the possibilities are there for great advances!”

Russ Moore Principal Foley High School, AL

“Scantron Analytics is the best tool I have ever seen to help drive instruction. Having the ability to see data in real-time is paramount to providing interventions to all students. I look forward to the great things our teachers will be able to do with this new tool.”

Robert McCartney Principal Gulf Shores Middle School, AL

“We went from data review taking days using spreadsheets to minutes using Scantron Analytics. We’re not only able to answer our original questions more quickly, but we’re now able to dig deeper and answer questions we couldn’t even have asked before.”

Susan Smey Director of Media, Assessment and Intervention Hamden Public Schools

“I love the way Scantron Performance Series establishes a learning path that can be easily tracked throughout the school year by measuring academic gains, not a ‘one and done’ test score.”

Faye Sheppard Principal Robertsdale Elementary School, AL

“When students see success, it eliminates many negative performance issues. Personalized learning based on their assessment results meets them where they are and gets them where they should be so they can see that success.”

Dr. Cederick Ellis Superintendent McComb Schools District (MS)