The most effective way to collect feedback and gain the insights it provides is to ask for it. It’s always a challenge to do more with less and manage a labor-intensive survey process with limited resources. Trying to compare that data across time is beyond the scope of many online survey tools. Scantron’s EvaSys web-based survey system makes this process easy and effective.

Responsive Design for a Mobile World

At Scantron, we’re focused on providing more opportunities for everyone to use online surveys. We incorporate the latest in responsive design, testing and optimizing EvaSys to support phones and mobile devices as well as more traditional online display options.

Accessibility Features to Support All Participants

EvaSys’s online questionnaires and interfaces meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) certification standards. These guidelines make sure that participants with disabilities can have equal access to your surveys.

Extensive Automated Reports

EvaSys compiles results in real time as responses are received. You can send reports to stakeholders as responses are captured, or set up batches to send reports automatically on your schedule. Either way, stakeholders receive reports directly into their email inboxes for convenient access.

Open-Ended Comments

Open-ended comments provide significant value in the evaluation process. EvaSys provides support to capture these comments whether participants are responding online or on paper. Reports automatically include all comments received, and you can categorize them for further analysis.

Results Dashboards

View results in real time inside EvaSys and compare current results to target values on scaled questions.  Charts and graphs make it easy to see potential feedback issues at a glance. EvaSys also allows for benchmarking to measure against future surveys. Comparing data year over year helps you establish continuous improvement.

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Web-Based Solution with Flexible Options

Subscription licenses work best for organizations that prefer to outsource IT efforts. With EvaSys, you subscribe annually and access a unique site on our secure servers. Your survey data always remains private and accessible only by you. Our hosted systems are automatically upgraded when new versions become available.

Perpetual licenses work best for organizations that have robust IT departments and that prefer to manage their own applications. With EvaSys, you buy a license and install and maintain it on your own servers. Our Software Assurance program ensures you always have access to the latest version.

Whichever option you choose, our Professional Services team is ready to help you get set up and administering surveys quickly.

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SurveyTracker Plus

SurveyTracker Plus is responsive to your exact timing and needs, with embedded tools you can use to design effective surveys, deliver them cost-effectively via multiple methods, and easily view results.

Depending on how you want to distribute your survey, we have two SurveyTracker Plus products to suit your needs:

  • SurveyTracker Plus—Supports scannable forms, USB, and kiosk surveys
  • SurveyTracker Plus Email/Web—Supports scannable forms, Web, USB, and kiosk surveys



  • Wizards: Easily create an online or paper survey or report, define a survey style, or distribute surveys
  • Libraries: Save time with pre-developed content such as surveys, questions, images, survey styles, or reports, or create your own
  • Questions: Create and reuse questions and scales


  • Audience List: Send to your entire audience or generate a statistically valid sub-sample of the list
  • Hidden Questions: Reduce survey length and increase reporting options by pre-populating selected questions from linked audience data

Data Collection

  • Scanning: Use integrated Scantron scanners to avoid manual data entry
  • Online Surveys: See responses as soon as forms are submitted
  • Image Clips: Collect hand-written responses from write-in questions on paper forms

Reporting and Analysis

  • Multiple Table and Graph Formats: Choose from many types of tables and graphs that can be customized to suit your needs
  • Advanced Data Filtering: Pinpoint and display the results how you want, including time trends and data comparisons

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“While some of the web-based survey tools on the market are useful for more limited survey needs, we just aren’t comfortable with our survey data sitting on the network of an external service provider. Our patient records and data are highly confidential and private. With Scantron’s suite of software products, we ensure that we can easily capture survey data and securely store it on our own network for peace of mind.”

Julie Lewis Data Management Specialist Legacy Health

“Our group is routinely managing more than 60 surveys…we can’t afford to take chances. It was a real breakthrough when we realized that Scantron’s solution could give us the control and integrity we needed—we absolutely love it and Scantron’s support has been there to assist us every step of the way.”

Julie Lewis Data Management Specialist Legacy Health

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