Class Climate®

Class Climate® provides fast and accurate processing for course evaluations (online or on paper) in a single system. Functions include reports on study courses, departments, training seminars and programs to fit your organization. Raw data is just a few clicks away for a more detailed analysis.

  • Get valuable insight into course or seminar effectiveness using a single survey for mobile, online, and paper delivery. Class Climate automatically displays the right format for the device. And all results are stored in a single database so you see unified results at a glance.
  • Integrate Class Climate seamlessly into existing university systems using robust single-signon and data connection features.
  • Use powerful, flexible templates to create a wide variety of questionnaires for evaluations and surveys.
  • Increase response rates with automatic in-progress reminders.
  • Send instant feedback to individual instructors or trainers (allowing them to make changes while still involved in an ongoing course) or schedule end-of-course emailed reports to all instructors after grades are turned in.
  • Customize reports with configurable comparison reports and percentile rankings for a more targeted measure of course qulaity.
  • Identify potential areas for improvement and help shape future curriculum, courses and seminars, using our automated, threshold-based course quality management features.
  • Support different programs with different needs, including measuring learning outcomes, evaluating team-taught courses, and much more
  • Export data in SPSS or Excel formats for further data analysis.

Accessibility for all students

Class Climate is rated WCAG 2.0 Level AA, the highest level of certification.

Take a deeper dive!

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“We love this integration [with Brightspace] because in addition to the students receiving initial emails and reminder emails through Class Climate directly, they are also able to see and complete the evaluation(s) right from within Brightspace. Every part of the process works so well. From creating the survey to distributing it to reviewing the results. We couldn’t be happier with our Class Climate solution and its integration with Brightspace.”

Jennifer Hendryx Instructional Designer University of Wisconsin Colleges Online

“Having two means of communication for our students (Blackboard and email) provides more opportunities for students to participate and provide valuable feedback for the instructors…the Blackboard technology available allows [students] to see all evaluations they have completed and have yet to complete, allowing for increased response rates.”

Karla Pool Applications Analyst, University Technology Services University of South Carolina

“During any given semester, we’re evaluating more than 3,000 courses across five distinct campuses. Without the simple automation process built into Class Climate, there is no way that I would be able to perform my job. We’ve been able to create a ‘culture of assessment’ by using Class Climate. The process is so smooth and fast that both students and faculty know we are committed to not only collecting but also using course feedback.”

Amy Filadelfo Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Research St. John’s University

“Class Climate is flexible and efficient for meeting the survey and reporting needs of the institution. Class Climate’s numerous features promote meaningful data collection by increasing participation rates in all surveys, as evident from our student evaluation of teaching response rates. We are pleased with the system and its ease of use.”

Cecelia Martin Director of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness University of South Alabama

“Class Climate users appreciate the simplicity of its use and the accuracy of the data. Class Climate has automated our survey process and made it extremely easy to process forms. The instant reports that Class Climate produces are easy to understand and they provide the needed statistics that most users are interested in seeing.”

Shouka Torabi Research Specialist Saddleback College

“Class Climate provides a quick and easy way for teachers to get concrete feedback for reflection and professional development plans. Teachers who have been teaching for a long time are given information that may be new to them because Class Climate asked questions in a clearer, more organized format.”

Ellen Bull Chair, Interprofessional Education and Allied Health Centennial College

“Program accreditation reviewers love the summary information that is provided. It gives overviews of student feedback with privacy and confidentiality built into the reports.”

Ellen Bull Chair, Interprofessional Education and Allied Health Centennial College

“Class Climate provides a consistent, standardized tool for students to provide the feedback necessary for obtaining reliable and valid data for research, accreditation and program review processes. Class Climate allows faculty to receive the feedback they need for performance review and professional development, so that they may develop their teaching expertise.”

Dr. Sandra Murphy Dean, School of Community and Health Studies Centennial College