Key Solutions

Shorter Tests, Better Data

Performance Series Express is your solution.

For more than a fifteen years, Scantron has been rigorously developing and frequently refreshing the Performance Series item pools. Using these same item pools, Performance Series Express provides flexibility with an eye on the clock.

You have probably used Scantron’s accurate and reliable scanners and forms, but did you know that Scantron’s assessment solutions go way beyond bubble sheets? We are also a leader in online assessment, analytics, and survey, delivering more than 100 million assessments online since 2008. In fact, Scantron’s computer-adaptive testing was one of the first of its kind! We’re committed to meeting you where you are and helping you get to where you want to be.

Add Solutions That Go Beyond Testing

Think outside the bubble and explore Scantron’s online assessment and analytics solutions and nontraditional survey measures.

Scantron is here with complete solutions to turn data into knowledge Maryland educators can really use.


Monitor student proficiency with a computer-adaptive growth measure that delivers better results data faster: PS Express.

  • Aligns to Maryland state standards
  • Delivers multiple scores for universal screening, norm group comparisons, and  more.
  • Integrates with your SIS
  • Directly connects test results with targeted instructional resources.
  • Provides assessment development services and consulting.
  • Incorporate paper testing using Scantron scanners and forms.

Expand your options with fixed form test from Achievement Series.


Best of ShowInteractively explore your data with Scantron Analytics for a more complete student picture.

  • No data warehouse needed; include data from multiple sources
  • Dashboards provide easy snapshots
  • Monitor college and career readiness in real time
  • Identify and intervene with at-risk students faster using our Early Warning System


Predict student performance with Scantron Analytics and Psychometric Services.

  • Early Warning System:
    • Customizable indicators and risk thresholds
    • Easily view changing profiles
  • Predictive validity and other psychometric studies and services

Identify and address school environment issues using My Student Survey:

  • Student evaluation of teacher practice
  • School safety and other environmental issues
  • Staff and parent engagement

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Introducing Ascensus

Ascensus LogoToday’s Assessments Fueling Tomorrow’s Dreams

Scantron reimagines K-12 testing with Ascensus,a modern approach to digital assessment designed for the era of ESSA

Ascensus includes innovative item types, interactive student tools, accommodations for students with special needs, collaborative test development, modernized item banking, and increased test security options. Ascensus combines digital capabilities with proven, research-based measures of growth and skills for a solution capable of meeting the needs of schools and districts across the country.

“Tying in assessment results to all our other student data has been instrumental in driving instruction and intervention. Scantron Analytics makes data easy to use.”

Julie Oziemkowski Director of School Improvement D200 IL