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Scantron Supports Accountability In Florida Private Schools

Florida requires any private school participating in the Florida Tax Credit or Gardiner Scholarship Programs to demonstrate academic accountability to parents by annually administering or making provisions for students participating in the scholarship program to take one of the nationally norm-referenced tests identified by the Department of Education or the statewide assessments.

Learn more about Florida’s approved norm-referenced assessments.

Scantron’s Performance Series is approved as an assessment to help private school educators demonstrate student proficiency using a rigorously normed study, with high reliability and a low standard error of measurement, alignment with rigorous content standards, and that serves as an adequate measure of K–12 student achievement in core academic areas.

Performance Series is a research-based, criterion-referenced computer-adaptive test that lets K–12 educators quickly pinpoint the instructional level of students across a range of subjects (including but not limited to Reading and Math), capture immediate results, and produce standards-based reports including suggested learning objectives, on a scaled score.

Performance Series enables educators to identify the proficiency levels of students corresponding to state-specific standards, measure growth, understand student performance in relation to others, inform instruction, help with placement, and provide direct links to several teaching and learning resources such as Edgenuity’s Odyssey, MyPath, Hybridge, and Pathblazer.

Learn more about what Performance Series offers Florida educators.

“We knew we could improve the survey process and get more valuable feedback if we invited Scantron to help us create a solution. There is something unique about what Scantron offers in this domain. We needed both paper and web functionality and had some specific reporting and administration requirements that other vendors either didn’t understand or weren’t prepared to accommodate. Scantron really provides what we need.”

Patti Simmons, Ed. S Supervisor, Office of Strategy Management Hillsborough County Public Schools

“We can take quicker and more decisive action now. By having results reported faster, we can spend the summer months addressing improvements and planning the next year. Our audience feels more confident in the results when they’re reported by Scantron. They feel that results are reliable, valid, and objectively reported coming from a provider like Scantron Survey Services who has experience and expertise in these kinds of surveys.”

Patti Simmons, Ed. S Supervisor, Office of Strategy Management Hillsborough County Public Schools

Every Student Succeeds Act in Florida


FLDOE Every Student Succeeds Act

Florida School Accountability Reports

How Scantron Can Help

Academic Indicators


Scantron Assessments

Scantron Analytics

Academic Achievement

Provides on-grade testing for specific grade-level achievement measures with customizable performance bands and cut scores; items aligned to state standards.

Displays test scores from a variety of sources in interactive dashboards for overall and population group view.

Academic Progress

Provides computer-adaptive testing on a scaled score for grade-level-independent results; tracks growth over time against subject scoring scale; results aligned to state standards.

Shows changes in scores over time from a variety of test score sources; Early Warning System supports customizable thresholds and at-risk indicators.

Graduation Rate


Connects Student Information System data in real-time; shows graduation rate year over year.

Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency

Standards-based Reading and ELA computer-adaptive test; customizable performance bands and cut scores.

Aggregates data to view ELL students test scores at a glance; Early Warning System supports customizable thresholds and at-risk indicators.

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School Quality Indicators


Scantron Assessments

Scantron Analytics

Scantron Surveys

Science Achievement

Measures science proficiency and growth using computer-adaptive science test and Scantron’s Next Generation Science Standards item bank*

View science scores in a dynamic dashboard.


Social Studies Achievement

Measures social studies proficiency using Scantron’s Social Studies or Core Four item banks.

View science scores in a dynamic dashboard.


College and Career Acceleration

Provides development and administration of tests aimed specifically at graduation standards in any subject, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and industry certifications; Assessment Development and Psychometrics experts available to develop these exams as needed.

Shows grades, scores, and other student data in the College & Career Readiness dashboard, including ACT, SAT, IB, AP, industry certifications, and dual-enrollment courses.


*Next Generation Science Standards is a registered trademark of Achieve, Inc. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of, and do not endorse, this product.

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