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Do You Need A Diagnostic Assessment For Grade 2 Reading And Math?

The California Department of Education requires educators to use an approved assessment to aid teachers in the development of language arts and computational skills of students in Grade Two. Approved ELA and math diagnostic assessments must meet criteria for alignment with the Common Core State Standards, validity and reliability, and appropriateness for intended use.

Learn more about California’s grade two assessments.

Scantron’s Performance Series is approved for this use in California schools. Performance Series aligns with Common Core Standards and provides a computer-adaptive assessment to measure student proficiency regardless of grade level. It includes support for pre-readers via the Foundations tests, as well as helping with the transition to standard core ELA and math proficiency. Performance Series is backed by Scantron’s rigorous assessment development and psychometric research, including criterion-referenced norming data available within test results.


Scantron assessment solutions support several of the key components of CDE’s Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Plan (SRCL):

  1. Standards and Frameworks
  2. Articulated and Aligned Curriculum
  3. Comprehensive, Targeted Instruction and Intervention (via instructional resource partners)
  4. Educator Preparation and Professional Learning
  5. Engaging Families and Communities
  6. Assessment and Progress Monitoring (via the approved Performance Series measure)
  7. Accountability (via Performance Series reports and Scantron Analytics; see Additional Solutions of Interest for details)

While all the steps are crucial to literacy success, without steps 6 and 7, you may just be guessing. Informal, teacher-based prompts are an

important part, but a more holistic assessment approach makes it easy to systematically assess, monitor progress, and demonstrate accountability. Scantron’s solution helps you use assessment data to guide and inform instruction, as well as providing effective early screening and diagnosis tools for grades K–12.

Learn more about what Performance Series offers California educators.

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Introducing Ascensus

Ascensus Logo

Today’s Assessments Fueling Tomorrow’s Dreams

Scantron reimagines K-12 testing with Ascensus, a modern approach to digital assessment designed for the era of ESSA

Ascensus includes innovative item types, interactive student tools, accommodations for students with special needs, collaborative test development, modernized item banking, and increased test security options. Ascensus combines digital capabilities with proven, research-based measures of growth and skills for a solution capable of meeting the needs of schools and districts across the country.

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Additional Solutions


A Balanced Assessment Approach To Support Your ESSA Accountability

Our students, educators, and parents deserve assessment results that inform instruction and easily lead to an effective measure of accountability. A balanced assessment system is the best way to achieve that goal. That’s why Scantron developed Ascensus, a balanced assessment solution that provides multiple assessment metrics to highlight a holistic view of student, school, and District performance and to ensure a fair and accurate approach to your accountability program.

Learn more about Ascensus

Scantron Analytics

Deeper Insight Into Multiple Measures

Because today’s educational environment heavily relies on metrics to drive curricular and instructional decisions, it’s vital to have access to data.  Scantron Analytics unifies your data into a single place, so you can explore results dynamically and uncover new correlations.

Scantron Analytics delivers up-to-date information through highly visual, easy-to-understand dashboards.  Scantron Analytics simply stores data you’re already collecting, sourced from a variety of educational systems, in memory—no need for an expensive data warehouse.  Important trends and previously hidden connections jump out, so you can spend your time developing creative solutions instead of trying to make sense of rows and columns of numbers.

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My Student Survey

Capture Stakeholder Opinions Painlessly

Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to provide you with a comprehensive, improvement-focused approach to school accountability. Stakeholder surveys are a great way to enhance your understanding of your educational environment and improve your school.

Learn more about My Student Survey

Assessment Development & Psychometrics

Services To Expand Your Assessments

Scantron provides a full spectrum of support for your assessment development. Whether you want to do it yourself with in-house experts and just need a little support, or whether you need a partner who can guide you through the process, Scantron can meet you where you are and help get you to where you want to be.

Learn more about assessment development and psychometric services