Scantron Helps Baldwin County Schools Improve Its School Report Card

Baldwin County Schools, Alabama, saw overall academic gains in nearly every school in the county. This innovative district raised its average scores on their state report card, supported by a four-part plan, curriculum leaders, and Scantron Analytics. This combination of efforts raised their average score from 82 to 85—with no schools in the D or F range. Watch highlights from their press conference and see what Dr. Joyce Woodburn, Academic Dean, has to say about how Scantron solutions helped.

Watch the full press conference here.

Alabama state DOE supports state educators with a comprehensive Scantron solution

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) provides a comprehensive assessment solution to their districts and schools using Scantron’s Performance Series® computer-adaptive assessment and Achievement Series® fixed-form assessment systems:

  • Computer-adaptive diagnostics that offer more breadth than just math and reading
  • Formative and interim testing that supports a wide variety of subject matter
  • Assessment system so educators can incorporate custom content
  • Coverage for all grade levels, from Pre-K to 12th grade
  • Flexible alignment to multiple educational standards documents
  • High-quality reliable support for districts as they voluntarily adopt the provided solution
The Alabama State DOE has purchased Achievement Series and Performance Series as a voluntary assessment adoption program. The solution is free to its schools.

  • Performance Series Usage Statistics (2018–2019 school year)
    • Total Tests Administered: 2,984,653
    • Unique Students Tested: 481,857
  • Achievement Series Usage Statistics (2018–2019 school year YTD)
    • Total Tests Administered: 1,259,862
    • Unique Students Tested: 172,339

More than 19 million tests delivered in Alabama since 2012!

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Districts have a wide variety of Scantron-provided content options:

  • Scantron’s CC Checks for short-form progress monitoring in the four core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science).
  • Scantron’s College & Career Readiness item banks and test banks for interim district assessments.
  • Scantron’s Core Four and National item banks for classroom formative assessments.
  • Custom-developed item banks directly support the Alabama Course of Study (their state standards)

In addition, Scantron’s Assessment Development group is working with ALSDE to develop formative and pre-certification career and technical education (CTE) exams.

Learn more about what Achievement Series and Performance Series can do for you as an Alabama educator.

Questions about Alabama's Implementation?


“We want all teachers, counselors, and administrators to constantly use Scantron Analytics in order to monitor student achievement. We want our educators to use the tools in Analytics, so they can remediate academic weaknesses as well as celebrate academic successes in ‘real time’. Scantron Analytics helps us see the complete picture and track our students’ progress toward becoming educated adults. We look forward to using Scantron Analytics to become an increasingly successful school system that meets the academic needs of all students.”

Dr. Joyce Woodburn Academic Dean Baldwin County Public Schools

“We’re impressed with how our Client Program Manager listens to us and does what’s necessary to give us what we need to succeed. They’re a big part of creating and refining the solution. They’re on board and open to requests. We could not be more pleased that Scantron cares as much about our success as we do. They are a fully invested partner.”

Dr. Joyce Woodburn Academic Dean Baldwin County Public Schools

“The biggest return on investment we have seen is the conversations in the halls. Due to common language around pacing, scope, sequence and common assessments, teachers are easily and readily conversing about instruction and about the data and about achievement. There’s no more post-mortem at end-of-year—these conversations are happening now. That was when I really knew we were going to be okay.”

Dr. Jimmy Shaw Superintendent Florence City Schools

“Before we began using Scantron Analytics, analyzing school-wide student data was a process that took weeks. Now, with Scantron Analytics, we are able to complete the analysis in minutes.”

Andy Caves Principal William L. Radney Elementary

Scantron delivered not only a superior product but also a superior system of delivery, support, flexibility, and technical assistance.

Sherrill Parris Deputy State Superintendent Alabama State Department of Education

“Performance Series questions went beyond grade-level standards. This…opened the curiosity door and allowed [students] to search the depths of their knowledge. I can’t help but think [Scantron] contributed to [our] results because I used it to do all my planning,”

Meighan Lewis Teacher Munford High School

[This] is an excellent tool for our school! It helps us make data-driven decisions, which benefit all learners, regardless of performance level.

Amanda Davis Curriculum Coach Fort Payne Middle School

“I love the way Scantron Performance Series establishes a learning path that can be easily tracked throughout the school year by measuring academic gains, not a ‘one and done’ test score.”

Faye Sheppard Principal Robertsdale Elementary School, AL

“In an instant, I can pull a report that shows the standards my students have attained and not attained. I am able to quickly provide intervention to individual students or a group of students. This data drives my instruction and allows me to meet my students’ individual needs and move them to the next level of learning.”

Katy Padgett Assistant Principal Elberta High School, AL

“We are excited to use this platform to help our teachers learn to drill deeper and better serve our students; the possibilities are there for great advances!”

Russ Moore Principal Foley High School, AL

“Scantron Analytics is the best tool I have ever seen to help drive instruction. Having the ability to see data in real-time is paramount to providing interventions to all students. I look forward to the great things our teachers will be able to do with this new tool.”

Robert McCartney Principal Gulf Shores Middle School, AL

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Every Student Succeeds Act in Alabama


ALSDE: Every Student Succeeds Act

Alabama Accountability Reports

How Scantron Can Help

Academic Indicators


Scantron Assessments

Scantron Analytics

Academic Achievement

Provides on-grade testing for specific grade-level achievement measures in Math and ELA with customizable performance bands and cut scores; items aligned to state standards; item banks available for Science (Next Generation Science Standards)*, Social Studies and Career and Technical Education (CTE) topics; ACT WorkKeys and ACT Practice Test scoring solutions available.

Displays test scores from a variety of sources in interactive dashboards for overall and population group view, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, ACT, ACT WorkKeys, etc.

Interim Progress

Provides computer-adaptive testing on a scaled score for grade-level-independent results; tracks growth over time against subject scoring scale; results aligned to state standards.

Shows changes in scores over time from a variety of test score sources; Early Warning System supports customizable thresholds and at-risk indicators.

Graduation Rate


Connects Student Information System data in real-time; shows graduation rate year over year.

English Language Proficiency

Provides standards-based Reading and ELA computer-adaptive test; customizable performance bands and cut score.

Shows scores from a variety of test score sources; Early Warning System supports customizable thresholds and at-risk indicators.

*Next Generation Science Standards is a registered trademark of Achieve, Inc. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of, and do not endorse, this product.

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School Quality Indicators


Scantron Assessments

Scantron Analytics

Scantron Surveys

Student Attendance (Chronic Absenteeism)


Shows attendance and discipline data from Student Information System; supports customizable Early Warning System thresholds.

Measure student engagement and school climate to discover underlying causes.

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