Product Overview

Save Processing Time

Capture images and OMR data in a single pass through the scanner. You can gather multiple choice, objective test, or survey responses at the same time you capture images of short answers to constructed response items on tests or comments on survey forms.

Tie Images to Data Records

Images can be tied to an OMR data record, archived, and retrieved later for review or evaluation. Route essays, survey comments, and other images to reviewers for final evaluations.

Design Forms for Efficiency

Because the scanner reads both handprint and machine printed characters, you can design data collection forms to be more aesthetically pleasing and make better use of space. End users will also thank you for not requiring them to fill in large bubble grids for name, address, ID numbers, and the like.

Pre-print Encoded Data

Lessen the amount of data you require from form users by pre-printing encoded data. You can also verify and cross-reference data to external databases by reading pre-printed bar codes, mark sense, and binary coded numbers.

Meet Accuracy Standards

The following technologies help you meet accuracy standards with the least amount of effort on your part.

  • Picture Perfect™ – ensures that hand- and machine-print characters are quickly and accurately interpreted by minimizing the effects of mechanical distortions.
  • Image Quality Sentry™ – minimizes the accumulation of inferior quality images.

These features operate as each sheet is scanned. They are transparent to the user and are designed to improve the accuracy of data without slowing the scanning process. Further, these features minimize the amount of post-processing required; thereby, optimizing the total production.

Image Formats Meet Industry Standards

Included with every i NSIGHT™ system is ScanTools® Plus scanning software for developing forms scanning applications. In addition, the system outputs industry-standard image formats which are fully compatible with most archival/retrieval systems.

ScanTools Plus software verifies booklet identification and sheet sequence as each sheet passes through the scanner–another fail-safe to help ensure that the highest quality data is captured.

Fast and Productive

Our mid- and high-volume iNSIGHT scanners perform many tasks at the scanner, and as a result, improve efficiency and minimize costly errors:

  • Dynamic Deskew™ and Image Skew Sentinel features reduce the occurrence of sheet skew errors
  • Gray-box Search processes only fields that contain data. Or, it can isolate forms that are missing critical fields, like a signature.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) increases data productivity by reading pre-printed characters while scanning in real time. This avoids the need for pre-slugging data.

Data Collection Methods

With an i NSIGHT scanner, you choose the methods of data collection that best meet your needs:

  • Mark sense (bubbles, checks, tick marks)
  • Bar code
  • Gray-box search (there/not there)
  • Key from image (for open-ended questions or comments)
  • Gray-scale image capture for viewing drawings, photographs, and signatures
  • Dropout colors to enable both pencil and ink read capabilities
  • Handprint and machine print characters interpreted and converted to ASCII data.
  • 16-level OMR mark discrimination evaluates the relative darkness of a mark in order to discriminate between smudges and erasures and valid marks.

Need Forms & Supplies?

The Scantron online store is your one-stop location to order forms and scanner supplies.

What's the difference between pencil read and ink read?

A lot of scanners claim to read both pencil and ink marks, including us. But not all scanners support both pencil and ink forms. Due to the type of light source used to recognize marks, pencil forms can be very colorful, since the read-head will only recognize the pencil marks on those forms—the color of the form doesn’t matter. Pencil forms are often more visually engaging, but you lose the ability to support ink responses. On the other hand, ink forms use what’s known as a drop out color (usually some type of red or orange). That way, the scanner can ignore anything that’s red or orange, letting it read either pencil or ink marks from the form.

Why does this matter?

It matters because scanning accuracy depends on the read-head and processing software knowing what is part of the form and what is a mark. Scantron’s guaranteed scannable forms and industry-leading mark recognition software ensure that you get the same reliable results, regardless of which type of form you use.

System Requirements

The iNSIGHT 150 includes a Scantron-certified PC controller as an integral component. Although based on a standard PC framework, this controller includes proprietary software and/or hardware that have been installed, tested, and certified by Scantron to work with high-speed precision production scanners. The certified controller is considered to be a proprietary component of the scanner. The controller is warranted and supported as a scanner component. Contact a Scantron representative for further details.