Training Details

This online-only course is designed to provide the knowledge, procedures, and hands‑on experience required for the successful implementation and operation of SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web applications.


2 Days, 6 Hours each day


Working knowledge of personal computers and Microsoft® Windows® is required.


This course is recommended for personnel responsible for creation and generation of surveys / reports using SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web.

System Requirements
  • One PC with Internet access, with the software and scanner installed.
  • A two-way speakerphone with long distance capabilities
  • The ability to access a collaboration tool such as GoToMeeting®
  • For custom printing forms locally, or overprinting onto standard forms, a laser printer with a PostScript™ driver is required
  • Introduction to SurveyTracker Plus
  • Custom scannable form design
  • Creating an audience list
  • Laser printing your own forms
  • Pre-slugging OMR grids
  • Introduction to ScanFlex Alignment Guide
  • Scannable form image clip support
  • Scannable form data collection
  • Non-scannable form design
  • Understanding E-mail and Web survey distributions
  • Filtering capabilities
  • Creating reports from scratch
  • Copying reports
  • Using report templates
  • SurveyTracker® add-on components
Class Format

Instructor-led lecture, class and group discussions, and hands‑on lab exercises.


Maximum four students, one PC. Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.

Contact Info

Call: 1-800-722-6876 ext. 6123