5 Leadership Traits
Driving Positive Assessment Culture


How can you build a classroom assessment culture that ensures educators maximize data for instructional decisions? If you’re like many schools and districts, you’re relying on assessment data more than ever to personalize learning for each student. A positive school culture that puts assessment data at the core of instruction requires great leadership.


Tap your leadership superpowers to build a positive assessment culture. You’ll dive into:

  • Recognition: Ensuring the school/district culture celebrates leadership at all levels to maximize outcomes for students.
  • Communication: Making sense of the data you need to gain actionable insights from routine classroom testing and sharing those insights effectively with others.
  • Trust: Building trust into every part of the assessment experience to improve equitable instruction.
  • Collaboration: Increasing collaboration among professional learning communities and other teacher groups to make classroom testing more consistent for all students.
  • Growth Mindset: Building assessment literacy among all staff by celebrating progress and recognizing challenges transparently

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Terrie Noland
VP of Educator Initiatives
Learning Ally
Dr. Mary Michael Pontzer
VP Portfolio Management