Accelerate Learning:
Student-Centric Assessment

DECEMBER 8, 2021
(1 PM CT, Noon MT, 11 AM PT)



What changes in your classroom when students are actively engaged in testing their learning? What happens when learners can predict and reflect on their success or challenges? How does instruction improve when you have the necessary data to understand what each student needs next and can appropriately adjust instruction? Join our webinar and explore how student-centric assessment delivers insights for educators and students.

You will learn:

  • To create student-centered assessments
  • 3 simple activities that improve student ownership of their learning
  • How to personalize learning and track proficiency using routine classroom testing results

And you’ll get to see Scantron Snapshot, our exciting new classroom testing solution, in action!

Scantron Snapshot™ qualifies for ESSER federal funding.



Featured Speaker

Greg Wright
Educational Consultant