Training Details

This course is targeted at providing Scantron Analytics End Users with the knowledge and skills they need to turn data into action to inform instructional strategies.


2 hours


Working knowledge of personal computers.


This course is recommended for School Administrators and General Education Teachers.

System Requirements
  • one PC per student
  • Internet access
  • Introductions and Scantron Analytics Overview:  (15 minutes)
    This section provides an introduction for participants and an overview of what Scantron Analytics is and how it can be used to identify at risk students. 
  • Working with Scantron Analytics: (1 hour)
    In this section participants learn the basics of Insight and how to navigate the various views and tabs. 
    • Basic Navigation in a Web browser
    • Top Bar of Icons
    • Sheets/Tabs
    • Filter set 1
    • Years, school selection
    • Hold, Clear selection, Release students
    • Reload data information
    • Green dots and blue dots
    • Making a selection
    • Drilling down into data
    • Show student list
    • Filter set 2 and filter set 3 (when available)
    • Cycle button
  • Working with the District’s Data to Identify at Risk Students:  (45 minutes)
    In this section we use Scantron Analytics to work through the District’s data using scenarios to find data that pertains to individual or groups of students.
Class Format

Instructor-led workshop with hands-on participation and exercises.


Maximum five students.

*Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.

Contact Info

Call: 800-722-6876 x 7458