Baldwin County, Alabama, uses Scantron Analytics to correlate data from a variety of sources into a single, unified resource, so they can see a complete picture of the whole child. They can create evidence-based, real-time remediation to get students where they need to be.

Baldwin County Public Schools in Alabama has a vision for all students to be academically successful. Their vision drives them to employ a variety of solutions to support their student body of more than 31,000 students.

  • 45 campuses and a Virtual School (grades 7–12)
  • 84% graduation rate
  • Provides a digital device for every student
  • Accredited by AdvancedEd


Baldwin County Public Schools needed an analytics tool. Their method of combining and comparing spreadsheets was no longer working for them.

“Copying and pasting from a variety of sources to compare the data was just a commotion,” says Joyce Woodburn, Academic Dean for Baldwin County Public Schools. “We needed a better system to review the data that would help us set goals and do what’s best for our students.”

The school system gets test results from many sources, including College Board exams, the ACT® exam, DIBELS®, Aspire®, Scantron® assessments, and other sources. They then had to try to correlate those results manually with their student information system (SIS) and gradebooks.

They had no effective way to demonstrate to themselves, to students, and to outside stakeholders that all students were growing, learning, and meeting required standards,

Enter Scantron Analytics.

“We can play with our data and work in creative ways using Scantron Analytics.”

Dr. Joyce Woodburn, Academic Dean (Retired), Baldwin County Public Schools


“Before, we did not have an easy way to see all our data in one place,” states Woodburn. “Scantron Analytics does that for us. We can finally compare one data source to another easily.”

As part of the State of Alabama, Baldwin County has access to Scantron’s Achievement Series® to measure on-grade proficiency against standards and Performance Series® for beginning-of-year benchmarking, for demonstrating interim proficiency growth, and as a state-level, high-stakes, end-of-year exam.

Teacher helping young students using laptops in class

They use Achievement Series to look for specific standards that are not being mastered, then use that data as a guide to adjusting instruction. Performance Series makes educators aware of learning targets determined in a Fall administration. They next use the interim Winter administration results as a progress check.

Because all Scantron test results are always available immediately after the test is completed, teachers can determine real-time remediation efforts in preparation for the Spring high-stakes administration.

Results from these tests, additional outside tests, their SIS, class gradebooks, and other non-academic data are available in Scantron Analytics to support all crucial stakeholders:

  • Teachers can view historical patterns as well as their current gradebooks to show student growth.
  • The district can monitor progress across all campuses.
  • Dean Woodburn can use the charts and graphs in presentations to the community and to the Board of Education.
  • The superintendent can acquire an accountability picture of the district for state reporting.

Baldwin Country Public Schools work to educate the whole child. “Scantron Analytics helps us see the complete picture and track our students’ progress toward becoming educated adults,” states Woodburn.

The school system doesn’t hesitate to work with their Scantron Client Program Manager (CPM). “We’re impressed with how our CPM listens to us and does what’s necessary to give us what we need to succeed,” Woodburn says. “They’re a big part of creating and refining the solution. They’re on board and open to requests.”

“We could not be more pleased that Scantron cares as much about our success as we do. They are a fully invested partner.”

Dr. Joyce Woodburn, Academic Dean (Retired), Baldwin County Public Schools


Baldwin Country Public Schools is at the beginning of their analytics journey. The next steps are to encourage extended usage in the district all the way to the classroom level. Principals are required to work with teachers to monitor student success.

“We want all teachers, counselors, and administrators to constantly use Scantron Analytics in order to monitor student achievement,” Woodburn says. “We want our educators to use the tools in Analytics, so they can remediate academic weaknesses as well as celebrate academic successes in ‘real time’.”

Scantron Analytics provides fully interactive dashboards, so that educators can explore their data in ways that are meaningful to them and not just review static reports that focus on what others find important. They can create filters for favorite views, then bookmark those filters for ongoing use. While the filters remain set, the data automatically refreshes so educators see the most current version.

“We’ve invested a lot of time and money in Scantron Analytics—and it is worth it. We look forward to using Scantron Analytics to become an increasingly successful school system that meets the academic needs of all students,” states Woodburn.

Scantron is proud to partner with Baldwin County Public Schools and support their ongoing excellence.

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