Training Details

Participants will move beyond learning how to use the Performance Series® program to applying Performance Series data to identify and communicate strengths and weaknesses for individual students, become proficient in sharing scores with students and parents, and support best practices in instruction.


1 Day (onsite)


Performance Series Introduction to Data Interpretation and a working knowledge of personal computers.


This course is recommended for District Administrators, District Training Staff, Testing Administrators, School Administrators, General Education Teachers, and Special Education Teachers.

System Requirements

Customer must provide a classroom‑type environment including:

  • one LCD projector
  • one PC per student
  • high-speed Internet access
  • Identify relative strengths and weaknesses for individual students
  • Identify instructional uses of Suggested Learning Objectives (SLOs) to address individual needs
  • Share results with students for reflection and goal setting
  • Become proficient in sharing scores with parents
  • Use strategies that encourage parental involvement through SCOL, SLO, and instructional resource activities
  • Collaborate through evaluation to provide support for “best practices” (instructional resources)
  • Understand reflective practices using data
  • Work through various activities to improve their understanding
Class Format

Instructor-led workshop with hands-on participation and exercises.


$2,800 * (Instructor expenses included)
Maximum twenty students.

*Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.

Contact Info

Call: 800-722-6876 x 7458