Training Details

The learner will understand and use all aspects of Performance Series®. The learner will be able to perform all necessary functions within the software. The learner will understand Computer Adaptive Testing, basic Performance Series® site navigation, and the student testing experience. The learner will understand classroom and aggregate data and scores. In addition individual student profiles and score information will be discussed in detail. Learners will apply score information and generate additional resources in the form of study guides and quizzes for individual students or groups of students.


2 Days


Working knowledge of personal computers.


This course is recommended for District Administrators, District Training Staff, Testing Administrators, School Administrators, General Education Teachers, and Special Education Teachers.

System Requirements

Scantron provides complete classroom facilities

  • Site Set Up
  • Test Administration
  • Score and Data Interpretation
  • Classroom and District Reports
  • Connecting with Resources
Class Format

Instructor-led workshop with hands-on participation and exercises.


$1,200 * (Cost of travel is responsibility of student)
Minimum enrollment: 4 **
Maximum enrollment: 12

  • Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.
    ** Sessions may be cancelled if they do not meet minimum enrollment
Contact Info

Call: 800-722-6876 x 7458